The EasyCut B 870 CV/CR Collect and EC B 1000 CV/CR Collect mowers are now offered with new swathing belts. The new belts are 910mm wide and run on 25% larger diameter rollers for higher belt speeds and perfect swathing even in large crop volumes. In addition, the belt received larger bearings for optimised longevity.

Also, the adjustable baffle plate enhances the crop flow for an exemplary swath presentation. The width of the swath is set by refitting a pin on the mower frame. From then on the operator alters the swath size flexibly and conveniently by controlling the belt speed. Height-adjustable crop accelerating rollers are available as an option.

Further advantages include the new belt without frame with its lighter weight compared with the predecessor for smooth running in all conditions and better access to all components for faster cleaning. Driven by the mower’s on-board hydraulic system, each swathing belt is operated independently of the tractor’s hydraulics.

The new and more powerful swath merging belt on EasyCut B 870 CV/CR Collect and EC B 1000 CV/CR Collect swathes all crops efficiently and yet gently, presenting the swath more accurately and consistently and enabling higher work rates in forage harvesting.

Source: Krone news