Fendt Launches the Fendt 700 Vario With a New Ground Up Design and Engine

With the launch of the seventh generation of the Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt brings a completely new ground up design and expands the power spectrum to up to 300 hp for versatile applications. The new engine, the optional 60-inch track width, FendtONE onboard and offboard and a new generation of the Fendt Cargo front loader distinguish the series as an all-rounder in the world market. For the first time, the 700 Vario is available with up to 60 km/h. Technical innovations from the large tractors, such as VarioDrive and the innovative cooling concept, lead to ground breaking manoeuvrability in this class. And so, the Fendt 700 Vario sets new standards once again.

Since its launch in 1998, the Fendt 700 Vario has won numerous awards and has been Fendt’s best-selling range ever since. Customers all over the world rely on these tractors – whether in arable farming, grassland, on the road or in front loader applications. Models of the previous 700 Vario generations are present on medium and large farms as well as with contractors in Europe, North America, South Africa and also in Australia and New Zealand.

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In its seventh generation, the new range with five models (Fendt 720 Vario, 722 Vario, 724 Vario, 726 Vario and Fendt 728 Vario) occupies the power range from 203 to 283 hp (147 – 206 kW) (ECE R120). The Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) extra power concept releases up to 20 hp of extra power in the Fendt 728 Vario DP via a demand-dependent control system precisely when it is needed. The top model thus achieves a maximum performance of up to 303 hp. The extra power concept is not tied to driving speed or special application pick-ups and functions purely dynamically, even when PTO work is carried out at a standstill.

High tractive power with economical fuel consumption

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Designed to meet global requirements, the Fendt 700 Vario was developed with a low power-to-weight ratio, with a high performance range, flexibility and the careful use of resources and the environment in mind. The 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine with 7.5 litre capacity has been completely redesigned for the power spectrum. Exhaust gas after-treatment takes place via a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) without exhaust gas recirculation. It meets the required exhaust emission standards in all regions worldwide. In Europe, this is the Stage V exhaust emission standard. In addition, maintenance-free hydraulic tappets are installed in the engine. The single-stage Fendt VarioDrive driveline is made up of the engine and the matching Vario transmission.

Intelligently controlled all-wheel drive management is one of the advantages of Fendt VarioDrive. The drive train eliminates the need for manual switching when changing between field and road operations. It drives the front and rear axles as needed and distributes the power dynamically. In the field, the full tractive force is available and stresses are avoided when driving on roads or curves. The so-called pull-in-turn effect pulls the machine into the curve during turns. The result: a particularly small turning circle with full tractive power and less soil compaction.

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The innovative low-speed Fendt iD concept is already familiar from the larger tractors. All components, such as the engine, transmission, hydraulics and cooling system, were designed according to the so-called “high torque – low engine speed” principle. In this way, the Fendt 700 Vario achieves high torque even at low engine speeds and saves fuel. The rated engine speed is only 1,700 rpm. In the main working range, the speed is a quiet 1,400 to 1,700 rpm. The new Fendt 726 and 728 Vario reach a top speed of up to 60 km/h at just 1,450 rpm. At 50 km/h the engine speed is 1,200 rpm, at 40 km/h it is only 950 rpm. The maximum torque of 1,450 Nm on the top model Fendt 728 Vario is achieved at just 1,300 rpm and ensures high tractive power and acceleration strength with minimal specific fuel consumption.

Sets new standards in power-to-weight ratio, manoeuvrability and ground protection

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With a power-to-weight ratio of just 30.5 kg per hp and compact external dimensions, the Fendt 728 Vario is particularly manoeuvrable and exerts as little pressure as possible on the ground. Depending on the work application, the range can be flexibly ballasted at the front, as well as at the rear on the rear wheels. A gross vehicle weight of up to 15 t allows it to be used as a heavy towing tractor.

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The exclusive Concentric Air System (CAS) ventilation and cooling concept is familiar from the Fendt 1000 Vario and has been consistently designed for low engine speeds, compact construction and fuel efficiency. It is driven by its own hydraulic motor and is thus decoupled from the engine speed. The system is controlled flexibly according to demand and operates quietly and efficiently. The compact cooling package enables unique manoeuvrability and combines this with particular efficiency. The innovative technology of the pushing high-performance fan presses cooler air into the cooling pack. Therefore, the fan speed can be reduced and up to 40 percent less drive power is needed compared to conventional fan and cooling systems. This power is then available for traction in the field or on the road. The diameter of only 56 cm results in a slim and clear design of the bonnet. This enables the large steering angle of the wheels of 52 degrees.

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Optimum tyre pressure reduces slip and ground pressure. The fully integrated Fendt VarioGrip tyre pressure control system increases the contact area with the ground and boosts tractive power by up to eight percent. When driving on the road, the air pressure is raised and thus the rolling resistance is reduced, thus another two percent fuel* can be saved (*South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Agricultural Economics Soest 2014). In the terminal, the driver can conveniently control the tyre pressure via the dual-line tyre pressure control system. Fendt VarioGrip is optionally available directly from the factory for both flanged and stub axles, for row-crop with dual tyres and also with wheel weights.

High variance for global requirements

Numerous tyre options are available for the Fendt 700 Vario. The Fendt 726 and 728 Vario models are equipped with large 650/85R38 tyres (2,050 mm diameter) as standard. For medium-sized farms, customers can choose tyres with the dimension 650/65R42 (diameter of 1,950 mm) for the rear tyres, among others. The Fendt 720, 722 and 724 Vario models are equipped with this dimension as standard.

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The 60-inch gauge is common in North America, Australia and South Africa. 60-inch gauge is mainly used in row crop farming. For the first time, the Fendt 700 Vario is available as a 60-inch (row-crop) version for all models in the series. For row-crop use, both single and twin tyres are available from the factory.

Safety even with heavy transport

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The optional top speed of up to 60 km/h at only 1,450 rpm, a comprehensive chassis and safety concept as well as numerous options for rear hitching make the Fendt 700 Vario a true transport talent. The safety concept includes a dual-circuit brake system, Fendt Reaction Steering, as well as a brake light and deceleration assistant and Fendt Stability Control (FSC). FSC reduces side lean at speeds above 25 km/h and minimises roll. This increases safety in curves as well as driving comfort.

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For the first time, a new trailer brake assistant is optionally available for the Fendt 700 Vario. The trailer brake assistant ensures a even tow even in hilly terrain and thus safe driving behaviour. A sensor measures the thrust torque of the trailer via the transmission. When driving downhill, if the tractor detects that the trailer is pushing too hard, the trailer’s pneumatic brakes are activated. Trailer Brake Assist will be available from the end of 2023.

Individual operation with FendtONE

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In the new generation of the Fendt 700 Vario, the tractor and implements are operated simply and individually via the multifunction joystick and the optional 3L joystick in FendtONE onboard. The Fendt 700 Vario is equipped with a 10″ digital dashboard and a 12″ terminal on the armrest as standard. An additional 12″ terminal in the headliner is available as an option.

Smart functions such as the Fendt Guide guidance system, the automatic Fendt Section Control (SC) or the use of Fendt Variable Rate Control (VRC) are displayed as required on the individually assignable tiles on the terminals.

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Other smart farming features include:

  • Fendt Contour Assistant
  • Fendt Section Control (SC)
  • Automated headland management Fendt TI Headland
  • Automatic turning with Fendt TI Turn Assistant
  • Connectivity with the Fendt Connect telemetry package

For more information on FendtONE onboard and offboard, see our FendtONE press release.

Safety and working comfort thought out down to the last detail

The proven Fendt VisioPlus cab has been optimised once again in terms of safety and comfort. For the first time, the cabin air filtration can be optionally converted ex works to category 4 protection according to the EU standard EN15695. The category 4 protection system protects the driver from dust, liquid crop protection agents and their vapours. This means that the Fendt 700 Vario meets all the requirements for crop protection. In its basic setting, it meets all the standards of a category 2 protection cabin. The filter system will be available from the end of 2023.

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Good visibility is crucial for precise work. The continuous panoramic window with a viewing angle of 77 degrees offers an optimum view of the front loader, especially when working at height. A side window wiper on the right side keeps the window clean even in changeable weather. Two optional cameras for the front and rear make manoeuvring easier, allow a direct view of the implement and increase working comfort. Two optional working lights in the bonnet provide the best possible lighting. LED tail lights and a dynamic turn indicator further enhance safety in road traffic.

Long working days in changing weather conditions place high demands on the driver. Even during operations under full load, pleasant temperatures prevail in the cab thanks to the improved performance of the air conditioning system. In addition, drinks and food can now be kept both chilled (0-16°C) and warmed (45-65°C) in a cool and warm box.

A new generation of driver’s seat

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For the first time, there are six different seat configurations for the Fendt 700 Vario. A new premium seat with intuitive operation via the terminal is available as an option. This has numerous ergonomic and comfort functions. The driver adjusts the seat height and position as well as the backrest angle electrically via a lever on the side of the seat. When changing out drivers, they can create personalised seat profiles and activate them with one click.

The comfort functions consist of:

  • Multi-stage seat climate control
  • Multi-stage seat heating
  • Four-way lumbar support
  • Adjustable side bolsters
  • Massage functions
  • Memory function for different users

Higher, stronger, bigger – The new Fendt Cargo and Fendt Cargo Pro 6,100

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The new generation of Fendt front loaders expands the existing range in the material handling sector upwards. The Fendt Cargo Pro 6,100 has been completely redeveloped for the performance class of the Fendt 700 Vario.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 4,070 daN and an optional position-independent weighing function, the Fendt Cargo 6,100 also moves large loads efficiently to a height of up to 4.85 m. The Fendt Cargo Pro 6,100 will be available from the end of 2023.

The new multi-coupler reduces pressure losses, has an automatic opening function and protects against contamination when uncoupled. The automatic display in the terminal gives notifications for maintenance intervals. Both functions increase the service life of the loader. The Fendt 700 Vario has separate valves for the front loader. This means that all valves are available at all times at the rear and at the front.

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The front loader is operated efficiently via the optional 3L joystick. When working with frequent changes of direction, such as loading work, the advantage of the integrated reverse button becomes evident. The combination of Fendt Cargo 6,100 and 3L joystick enables three functions to be performed simultaneously when operating with a silage grab bucket. The third function is operated via the thumb joystick on the 3L joystick. This allows the silage grab bucket to be lifted, tilted and opened at the same time.

Powerful high-performance hydraulics

A pump capacity of up to 220 l/min, a modular design that allows the use of standard or efficient, leak-free FFC hydraulic couplings and up to five connections at the rear, up to two at the front and up to three connections in the middle are the distinguishing features of the high-performance hydraulics of the Fendt 700 Vario.

The new draft control for the rear linkage shifts the weight of the implement proportionally to the rear axle of the tractor, thus increasing traction and improving the work result.

Fendt Care Services up to 8 years

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Special Fendt Care packages are available for the seventh-generation Fendt 700 Vario. These include comprehensive manufacturer’s extended warranty of up to eight years or 8,000 working hours for the entire vehicle as well as original Fendt attachments. This enables full cost control and planning security.

Source: Fendt