With the new Pantera 4503, AMAZONE introduces to the market a self-propelled sprayer with the new Comfort-Pack 1 and an innovative new boom guidance system

With the new Pantera 4503, AMAZONE introduces to the market a self-propelled sprayer with the new Comfort-Pack 1 and an innovative new boom guidance system.

At the heart of the Pantera 4503 is the proven 6-cylinder Deutz engine with a power output of 218 HP. The in-line, turbo-charged and charge-air cooled engine, with its optimum overall performance, ensures, thanks to the intelligent ECO mode engine management control, the minimum in fuel consumption. If, however, additional power is required, for instance when working at steep slopes, then POWER mode is available for the driver.

Pantera 4503 fulfils exhaust emissions Stage 5 and, for an exhaust after-treatment, AMAZONE relies on exhaust gas recirculation with diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particle filter to help protect the environment. During operation, the diesel particle filter is continuously regenerated. With the aid of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) injection, the SCR catalyst reduces the level of nitrogen oxide. The 20 litre DEF tank is positioned next to the 230 litre diesel tank. The DEF consumption is approximately 2.5 % of the fuel consumption.

Found under the cover on the left hand side, the SmartCenter is hidden away with the induction bowl and the complete operator station alongside the fill ports for suction filling. The use of Comfort-Pack 1 on the new Pantera, with the TwinTerminal 3.0 down at the operator panel, makes the operation of the machine even more comfortable. As standard, it includes automatic fill stop for suction filling. As option, this is also available on the bowser fill port as well. The desired fill level can be entered either in the cab via the ISOBUS terminal or down at the operator station through the TwinTerminal.

During application, the agitator control regulates the agitation intensity depending on the tank fill level. After application, the Comfort-Pack facilitates the automatic clean out which can be controlled completely remotely from the tractor cab.

Alternatively, the Pantera can also be equipped with Comfort-Pack 2 which includes an additional fresh water pump. With this Pack, the machine can be cleaned continuously via the additional fresh water pump and during the suction filling procedure, the fresh water tank can also be filled in addition to the spray liquid tank..

Now as option for the Pantera, the new ContourControl boom control with its active SwingStop pendulum limitation for boom widths up to 40 m is available. In addition, the Super-L2 and the new Super-L3 booms – in conjunction with the ContourControl boom control – include the new Flex-fold. The new Flex-fold makes the folding procedure 40 % quicker. Thanks to this intelligent boom folding, non-productive times during field changes can be noticeably reduced. With the new active ContourControl boom guidance, AMAZONE offers an innovative technology, which fulfils the demand of higher operational speeds and at highest precision during application.

ContourControl can also allow the boom tips to angle below the horizontal and thus always maintains exactly the distance to the target surface. Whereas ContourControl is excellent in looking after the vertical boom movement, SwingStop optimises, which is particularly useful with wider booms, the horizontal movement. The instantly-reacting and precisely operating hydraulic boom guidance makes for, of course, higher operational speeds during application. In conjunction with the electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control, a level of output – yet that is still at the highest degree of precision – is achieved that has never been reached before.

In addition to the up-to-date amendments to the exhaust system, the innovative boom guidance system and Comfort-Pack, there are further changes and improvements to the Pantera 4503 which also receives new dust-proof storage compartments under the cab access ladder and new LED rear lights.

Source: Amazone releases