Kinze Launches the 5670 Planter for 2025

Kinze Manufacturing has introduced the new 5670 pivot fold, split row model planters for the 2025 planting season. Utilizing the latest in technology and performance-boosting features, the 5670 delivers enhanced productivity, increased operator convenience and efficient serviceability.

Image source: Kinze Manufacturing

The versatile 5670 pivot fold, split row planter, available in 12/23-row and 16/31-row configurations, plants both 15″ and 30″ row widths and can be used as a dedicated narrow-row planter or a multi-crop planting workhorse. The lift-and-pivot frame provides unmatched balance and stability in the field, narrow width when transporting and best-in-class residue flow with the exclusive cast push row unit.

“Our 5670 model planters are new from hitch pin to closing wheels. Building on the proven design of our 5900 and 5700 model planters, the 5670 is packed with standard features that boost productivity in diverse planting environments, along with expanded controls and conveniences for the operator.”

said Susanne Veatch, president of Kinze Manufacturing.

Features and Options

  • New Kinze 5000 Series electric drive pull and push row units with standard features that boost productivity and minimize daily maintenance, and a full complement of residue control, closing wheel, fertilizer and seed handling options to fulfill the unique requirements of each farm.
  • An all-new clean and robust frame featuring 24″ of toolbar clearance, 12″ of row unit travel, an adjustable active hydraulic weight transfer, up to 30 degrees of wing flex, best-in-class residue flow, VF radial tires and a narrow transport width. In addition, it supports bulk fill hoppers, push split row units and optional onboard fertilizer tanks all at the same time.
  • Blue Vantage display-controlled onboard 300-gallon fertilizer system featuring a diaphragm-style pump, delivery rates of 2-25 GPA, optional factory-installed plumbing to connect to saddle tanks or a nurse tank, and an industry-exclusive automatic tank leveling system to maintain equal fertilizer levels in both onboard tanks while planting on slopes.
  • Unmatched seed spacing and depth control with True Rate vacuum electric meters that plant a wide variety of seeds at speeds up to 8 mph, True Depth hydraulic downforce with 650 lbs. down and 150 lbs. uplift force, and standard adjustable active hydraulic weight transfer — all controlled by the simple-to-use Blue Vantage planter display.
  • Drastically reduced maintenance requirements from fewer grease zerks, easier adjustments and longer-life components. This includes greaseless and shim-less gauge wheel pivot arms, large cast parallel arms equipped with double bushings, disc openers with double-row bearings and hardened scrapers, and greaseless row markers.

“We are excited to release this latest generation of the pivot fold, split row planter. Since their initial release in 1983, our push row units have provided unmatched trash flow through a narrow-row planter and versatile and flexible planting solutions on countless farms.”

said Veatch.

Image source: Kinze Manufacturing

The 5670 pivot fold, split row model planter is Kinze’s latest addition to its exclusively electric 5000 Series planter lineup that debuts for the 2024 season with the new 5900 and 5700 front fold planters.

Source: Kinze

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