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OUR AUDIENCE: U.S. and Canadian Farmers and AGquip Dealers

Using the latest technology americafem.com will display more content in a new layout designed for a wide range of devices from smartphone to tablets to traditional PC and laptops.

The new website will bring together a wealth of knowledge generated by our team of industry experts.

The new website is also able to provide reader-specific information because it can actually learn what a registered reader is particularly interested in.

As well as new banner positions advertisers can target their messages to the different screen sizes generated by mobile responsiveness meaning they work seamlessly with the new design, and work for whatever screen size the user has. This all adds up to an improved audience engagement connecting the construction community with the content that it needs.

ENHANCED AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT in a stunning new layout responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile enabling visitors to consume the content on whatever device they use.

Optimised for different screen sizes. This approach provides a highly readable design for every user – no more pinch and zoom!

Improved powerful search function tailored to specific needs

Content tailored to website behaviour using underlying data to deliver a better experience n visitors will have the ability to manage their own subscriptions our newsletter

Highly optimised for speed, the sites are fast and will render quickly n each brand has a distinct area of the site – meaning the user can find content for their sector more easily – this also means advertisers have more opportunities to target the right audience.

Contact us for any enquiry: newsroom@americafem.com

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