More than a Track System: New Holland Presents its T9 SmartTrax, Available in 2025

New Holland has announced it will launch the T9 SmartTrax equipped with PLM Intelligence in 2025. The model also include a track system that delivers high performance regardless of field conditions.

Photo courtesy of New Holland

“The T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence reflects our legacy for pushing boundaries.

It’s more than an enhanced track system. It’s a commitment to farmers built based on innovation, efficiency, capability and versatility.”

explains Ken Paul, product marketing manager, high horsepower tractors for New Holland.

Mastering the Terrain with T9 SmartTrax

The T9 tractor’s track system is equipped with advanced oscillating roller wheels and vibration-dampening mount suspension for a smoother ride and to prevent uneven wear. It also has an automatic track tensioning system that eliminates manual adjustments and optimizes tension, which can contribute to a longer lifespan of the track belt. Clear hubcaps allow for easy access to critical components during maintenance.

Available for agricultural use on five model year 2025 T9 models — T9.520, T9.580, T9.615, T9.655 and T9.700 — that range from 475 to 645 rated horsepower, the SmartTrax system ensures performance in a variety of terrains while enhancing overall operational performance and preserving the integrity of the field environment.

Cover More Ground, Fewer Stops

Speed and manoeuvrability are two of the biggest benefits operators will notice with the SmartTrax system. Coupling access to a range of different high horsepower T9 models and an increase in top vehicle speed for optimal efficiency, operators will see a remarkable improvement in road speed, now up to 25 mph. This ensures quicker and more efficient field-to-field transportation that helps keep every piece of the operation moving.

Offering flexibility for various applications, the T9 SmartTrax has multiple track belt options available. They include two width choices — 30-inch and 36-inch — and three different belt brands to choose from.

Photo courtesy of New Holland

The model year 2025 T9 SmartTrax tractors now have 455 gallons of fuel capacity, which is 47% more than before. This improvement is due to the SmartTrax system’s design, which has a lower profile on the tractor than the fuel tank and contributes to extended run time and fewer refuelling stops.

The T9 SmartTrax has swinging cab entry steps that pivot as the tractor is articulated, making it easier to enter and exit the cab. It also comes with warranty coverage, including up to five years on select belts, to provide customers with added peace of mind.

“Productivity is central to the T9 SmartTrax. With this system, we’re putting in place unmatched track performance that’s cutting down on non-productive tractor time, like field-to-field movement and breaks to refuel, to maximize operator efficiency in the field and minimize time spent on the job.”

concludes Paul.

Source: New Holland

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