New Holland CR11 Combine to Finish its North America Tour in 2024

 Along with the launch of its CR 11 Combine, New Holland has embarked on an unprecedent journey: the company is bringing its newest high-capacity harvesting machine on a journey that stops at numerous industry and customer events across the U.S. and Canada.The CR11 combine represent new standard, redefining what the combine capacity and production.

Photo courtesy of New Holland

“Get ready, because the CR11 combine is hitting the road, making appearances from Louisville to Saskatoon and beyond.

The CR11 combine is more than a machine; it’s the new standard, redefining what we expect of combine capacity and production. This debut tour is an opportunity to experience the CR11 combine first-hand.”

states Curtis Hillen, combine marketing manager for New Holland.

The 2024 CR11 Combine Tour

Throughout the coming months, there are opportunities to catch a glimpse, climb in the cab or take the CR11 combine for a test drive on its barnstorming tour of the U.S. and Canada.

The CR11 combine debut tour starts at the National Farm Machinery Show (February 14-17 in Louisville, Kentucky), followed by stops at:

  • Commodity Classic 2024, February 28 – March 1 in Houston, Texas
  • Ag in Motion, July 16-18 in Langham, Saskatchewan
  • Ag PhD Field Day, July 25 in Baltic, South Dakota
  • Farm Progress Show, August 27-29 in Boone, Iowa
  • Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, September 10-12 in Woodstock, Ontario
  • Husker Harvest Days, September 10-12 in Wood River, Nebraska
  • Agri-Trade Equipment Expo, November 13-15 in Red Deer, Alberta

In addition, the New Holland team and local dealers will be hosting regional events at dealerships and fields to showcase and demo the CR11 combine.

Setting a New Standard for Harvest

The CR11 combine is the largest and most productive combine in the field. It is designed with four pillars – increased productivity, maximum grain savings, superior residue management, and enhanced uptime to reduce the total cost of harvesting.

“With the expansion of farms and fields, the CR11 combine proves instrumental in enhancing efficiency during the limited harvest window.

It offers greater capacity, minimized downtime and improved straw spread and chop patterns, resulting in reduced losses. Consequently, this allows us to operate with fewer combines and maximize our utilization of labour resources.”

explains Jordan Kambeitz, CEO and president of Kambeitz Farms in Lajord, Saskatchewan.

Photo courtesy of New Holland

In a class of its own, the CR11 combine is an unmatched combination of performance, size and technology that achieves productivity. It touts:

  • A 775-horsepower FPT Cursor 16 engine, a 75-horsepower increase compared to the CR10 combine.
  • A 567-bushel grain tank, holding 38% more bushels than the next biggest class of CR combine.
  • A 6.0 bushel per second unload rate that can empty the grain tank in 100 seconds.
  • 25% fewer drive components and elimination of all drive chains and up to a 60-foot cutting width.
  • 2×24-inch rotors, with a new, larger and fully automated TwinClean double-cleaning shoe using automated cross-distribution control that increases cleaning capacity and helps achieve loss levels close to zero.
  • New residue management system with remote in-cab control of counterknife bank for customized operations.
  • The new IntelliSpread system uses radars for closed-loop residue spreading automation. This ensures a uniform, full-width spread performance, regardless of changes in wind or crop conditions.
  • A new automatic de-slug procedure that enables operators to clear blockages in seconds without leaving the cab.
  • The machine comes with PLM Intelligence features like an IntelliView 12 display, an IntelliSteer guidance system, telematics, and remote screen viewing. You can also opt for NutriSense NIR sensor for real-time crop composition monitoring to make informed decisions during harvest, storage, and sales planning.

Source: New Holland

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