AGCO Partners With Innova Memphis to Support Next-Gen Farming

AGCO has invested in the Innova Ag Innovation Fund VI of venture capital firm, Innova Memphis. This fund investment is the first executed by AGCO’s recently launched corporate venture capital initiative, AGCO Ventures. The deal aligns with AGCO’s approach to support the next generation of farming through advanced solutions that promise a more automated, digitized and sustainable future for agriculture.

The Innova team is renowned for its focus on nurturing early-stage startups revolutionizing agriculture.

“We are excited to announce our investment in Innova Ag Innovation Fund VI, a move that reflects our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in agriculture. This partnership enables us to tap into the latest innovations in the field, from automation and digitization to sustainability and efficiency, ensuring that we continue to provide our customers with the most advanced and effective solutions on the market.”

said Seth Crawford, AGCO Senior Vice President and General Manager, PTx.

Through this partnership, AGCO intends to leverage Innova’s expertise in identifying and supporting high-potential startups at the forefront of agricultural technology.

“This collaboration represents a unique synergy between AGCO’s industry expertise and our vision for a technologically advanced farming future and revitalized rural economies. Together, we are set to empower the brightest minds in agriculture, driving transformative solutions that promise to enhance farm productivity and profitability and secure a sustainable future for our planet.”

said Dean Didato, a partner at Innova.

Source: AGCO

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