The New Bobcat Log Grapple for Mini Track Loaders and Small Articulated Loaders

Bobcat Company announced the launch of a log grapple attachment for mini track loaders and small articulated loaders.

Mini Track Loader; Source: Bobcat

This is an all-new offering from the company, adding to Bobcat’s 100+ industry-leading attachment lineup. Whether felling trees, loading logs onto trailers or transporting material, this free-hanging attachment adds superior force and agility where operators need it most.

“The new log grapple is a solution for customers seeking maximum productivity by increasing the flexibility and versatility of an existing machine,”

says Britta Kopp, marketing manager at Doosan Bobcat.

“This attachment delivers increased efficiency over doing tasks manually and will get the job done more quickly.”

Unmatched Power and Stability Built In

The log grapple comes equipped with heavy-duty teeth and reinforced tines, providing outstanding grip when managing unwieldy logs and brush. Rope bollards provide an additional anchor point, assisting with stability while at work.

Log Grapple; Source:Bobcat

Eliminate Jobsite Debris Faster and More Efficiently

Operators will appreciate the log grapple’s 56″ wide opening and rotation in all directions for increased productivity, reliability and ease of use. The design allows for easy clamping of logs and piles of brush, clearing areas – even in confined spaces – more quickly.

Versatility Built In

For increased operator control, the log grapple comes with an integrated tree pusher, ensuring material falls in the intended direction and accomplishes multiple tasks with one attachment.

Source: Bobcat