The eFuzion concept – a spectrum of innovative technology in a single concept machine

At this year’s bauma, Japanese manufacturer Yanmar is presenting an original new concept vehicle to the public for the first time. Packed with innovative technology, the eFuzion concept demonstrates the depth and breadth of Yanmar’s global R&D, investing efforts in developing and implementing innovative technologies to inspire creativity and unleash future possibilities. Yanmar is a leading global manufacturer of industrial equipment, and market leader in compact construction equipment. The eFuzion concept, primarily developed by Yanmar’s robotics research team, is a working demonstration of a precision machine with a robot arm that shows the possibilities of autonomous construction machinery of the future.

The eFuzion concept – sustainable technologies for the future

The eFuzion concept  is a vehicle from Yanmar’s research centers to demonstrate technologies for tomorrow’s industry and production that are at an advanced level of development. “All key technologies of e-mobility, robotics, connectivity, autonomous driving and computer-assisted operations have been integrated into our eFuzion concept,” explains Giuliano Parodi, Chairman and CEO of YANMAR Construction Equipment. “With eFuzion, we can prove our strengths in innovation and demonstrate that we are developing technologies that will further revolutionize industry 4.0.”

The eFuzion concept moves autonomously in a specially designed eCubator, a 6 x 6-meter cube. The networked, intelligent vehicle carries out all-electric, autonomous operations under its own programming. In the eCubator demonstration, the eFuzion machine utilizes its precision fine motor control by selecting red balls with its robotic arm, before adding the respective red ball to another box, gradually creating the Yanmar logo. The two different processes illustrate how the machine performs an excavation task autonomously, while avoiding or overcoming obstacles such as those that occur on a construction site. In the second case, the machine is operated manually to grab an object on the construction site.

The name eFuzion concept derives from “e” for electric and “Fu” for future, and symbolizes the digitization and transformation of processes in business and industry. The surface of the eCubator, a 6 x 6-meter cube, changes from opaque to transparent, making the concept machine visible, but only does so for demonstration purposes. The name intends to invoke associations with “incubator”, as in start-ups and their disruptive ideas. The technologies behind such disruptions, which change processes in industry and economy, are under development at Yanmar’s R&D centers.


The eFuzion concept is by no means a stand-alone demonstrator of technology. Rather, it is the result of Yanmar’s extensive technology and research foundation, which, together with proven technologies from other Yanmar business segments, is the result of the company’s own research and development activities.

Source: Yanmar news