Landoll Showcase the New 845 Heavy Haul Ag Detach

Landoll 845 Heavy Haul Ag detach is designed to haul today’s bigger, wider, and heavier farm equipment. Designed to easily load and haul four-wheel, track tractors, and cotton picker machines. These larger and heavier tractors can weigh up to 70,000 pounds per machine and the Landoll 845-HD was designed to haul that strength and width of the equipment.

The 845-HD design features all-new heavier, taller cross members in addition to pullout extensions with an increased capacity of over 50% resulting in 14,000 lbs. capacity for each pullout.

The 845-HD-AG trailer is designed for expandability with a third flip axle or gooseneck front flip extension options. The operator can haul heavy haul permit loads where required. The 845 is also for dealers that have a need to haul some heavy construction loads with the same trailer.