CrustBuster Presents 4750 Three-Section 50 Foot All Plant Drill

The CrustBuster Three-Section 50 Foot All Plant Drill quickly folds down to a narrow transport width of 16 feet, 8 inches. A choice of 7.5 or 10-inch spacing is available.

The 4750’s parallel linkage opener maintains constant down pressure throughout its 10 inches of operating range and its wobble slot precisely meters various kinds of seed. A standard hydraulic seed drive provides variable rate control, individual section shut-off control and reduces the need to change sprockets. An optional mechanical drive is also available.

The 4750 has a total box capacity of 178 bushels. Heavy-duty wheels include walking tandem wheels on the center frame. CrustBuster’s All Plant Drills are available in sizes from 10-60 feet. This series of drills are designed to plant a seed in heavy residue, no-till field conditions as well as in minimum till and conventional. They all have the ability to plant a wide variety of seeds as well as cover crop seeds.

Source: Crustbuster