AUSA launches its New C201H Urban Forklift

AUSA has launched onto the market the new C201H forklift with a 4,400 lb payload. The vehicle is designed entirely for urban use; it is extremely compact in size so that it can enter and operate in any space. As with all of AUSA’s new vehicles, this forklift complies with the Tier 4 emissions standard.


The urban forklift concept

AUSA’s new forklift has been designed with a completely different goal to the other all-terrain forklifts recently launched by the brand. The C201H is different because it is clearly designed for urban use. To begin with, at just 82 inches high, it is able to enter car parks and enclosed spaces with limited access.

This is combined with its exceptional maneuverability, enabling it to move around nimbly in any space, no matter how small. The forklift is supplied with a wide range of masts: from the standard duplex mast that measures 10.82 feet and has full visibility to the 12.14 feet, 14.11 feet, and 17.71 feet triplex masts.

This new model is available with two types of hydrostatic drive: 4×4 and 4×2. In both cases, it is equipped with a limited-slip differential on the front axle as standard; this transmits the necessary amount of power to each individual wheel.

The 4×4 version features the FullGrip system, which can be used to engage the four-wheel drive by simply pressing a button on the joystick, thus increasing safety during operations on the most winding roads.

Efficiency and economy

The C201H has a Kubota engine with 28.8 hp of power and no DPF and it complies with the Tier 4 emissions standard. A small engine with low emissions and outstanding performance, as it has a gradeability of 40% at full load.

In terms of maintenance, its design allows to include a tilting cab and engine top cover, thus ensuring unbeatable accessibility to all of the mechanical components. This makes it quicker and easier to perform any repair work.

Additionally, the C201H has been equipped with a digital screen with a self-diagnostics function on the dashboard, a system that allows the operator to easily access each of the machine’s error codes so that they can inform the technical service quickly and reduce downtime.

In short, with the new C201H, AUSA has added a forklift for urban use to its range of lifting machines, for users who want a compact vehicle without outstanding performance and quick and easy maintenance.