Jain starts irrigation training during Coronavirus pandemic

Richard Restuccia, water manager of Jain, write a new blog post about the water crisis. Here is the full-text

Mark Cuban has some good advice for all the business people dealing with the coronavirus pandemic:

“Make use of whatever down-time you might have to brush up on the skills that might impress your future employer. Every interviewer from now on is going to ask you what skills did you add during the pandemic of 2020.”

He also suggests we use this time to become great at the work you want to do and add new skills to your repertoire.

This is excellent advice, but sometimes it’s hard to find educational opportunities for those of us in the water conservation business. Thanks to Jain Irrigation, this is changing. Recently Jain started providing regular irrigation training a couple of times a week for free to anyone wanting to improve their skills in irrigation, water management, and sustainability. The Jain Irrigation training sessions are inspiring water managers of all levels and in multiple water management fields.  This is your chance to join experts and enthusiasts to discover and share new techniques, smart tips, and new technology.

The webinars cover various subjects and many cover subjects that do not include information about Jain products. They cover topics like System Management In Controlled Environment AgricultureHarvest Recommendations, Budgets, and Best Practices For Marketing HempCritical Success Factors For Landscape Contractors, and many more. There are some specific to Jain Products, unique product offers, and discount pricing for Jain products offered during the instruction. However, the instructors and guests are very aware this is a learning experience and provide a positive learning experience for those who attend.

Future webinars are posted on Jain’s website. If you scroll down on that page, you will also see the previous webinars, and you can watch all these for no charge. Jain provides these at no cost as part of their conservation and sustainability message and helps fulfill their mission to leave this world better than you found it.

For all the runners, walkers, and water managers who like to listen on the go, the training is available on Apple, SpotifyiHeart Radio, and Google podcasts. Just search Jain Irrigation training on the channels, and you will find all the episodes. If your favorite podcasts are on Stitcher or TuneIn, you can find them there too.

The instructors come from all over the irrigation industry. They include Landscape Architect, Lance Sweeney, Ag Irrigation Designer Perry Continente, The Hawthorne Gardening customer support team, Jim Kauth from Aqua Trac System in Arizona, and Ken Olson from Olson Business Solutions, to name a few. Also, President of Jain Irrigation, Aric Olson, discusses the future of Ag Technology and covers a three-part series on nitrogen and fertilizer for agriculture. You will also find several of the subject matter experts on products for Jain Irrigation presenting as well. It is a well-rounded group covering different but specific subjects each week.

A big thanks to Mark Cuban for helping us put this crisis in perspective and motivating us in a positive direction. Jain training is valuable now and in the future. There is so much to learn about water management, conservation, and sustainability and I look forward to many years of training from Jain.

Source: Jain