AGCO announces Virtual “Ride and Drive” Experiences

Curious Customers Climb into the Cab from the Comfort & Safety of Home

AGCO announced virtual “ride and drive” experiences that provide in-cab demonstrations of its popular RoGator and TerraGator application equipment. The company is rolling out virtual ride and drives and other engagement opportunities at

In-person ride and drives have been a staple experience at AGCO events and dealerships for many years to allow potential customers to obtain operational experiences with advanced agricultural equipment. The new virtual ride and drives ensure that customers can observe much of what they always have at live events in an even more convenient setting.

AGCO’s virtual “ride and drives” provide in-cab experiences of its popular RoGator® and TerraGator® application equipment. Courtesy of

Greg Pumo, brand manager, AGCO Application Equipment, said:

“Ride and drives are one of the highlights our customers experience at events like IFCA’s MAGIE show, which was canceled this year because of coronavirus concerns. But a virtual ride and drive is the next best thing, and we’re excited to roll it out for our dealers, the application community, and anyone else who has always wanted to see what it’s like behind the wheel of these impressive machines.”

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The RoGator Virtual Ride and Drive allows users to observe the RoGator C Series’ popular LiquidLogic system, one-touch fold, recirculation feature, section and boom height controls, and instant on/off nozzle capabilities. Drivers will also be able to examine the Raven last pass and VSN visual guidance system as they appear on the cab’s display.

The TerraGator Virtual Ride and Drive showcase the TerraGator C Series’ precision and versatility as the equipment efficiently cover many acres of crops. Users will witness the unit’s multiple cruise speeds, the boom’s fast and easy unfold process, shuttle shift capability, and intuitive technology interfaces. Also demonstrated is TerraGator’s Raven Slingshot functionality, which allows operators to create jobs, select prescriptions, and maps, and update the system with completed tasks.

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Source: AGCO