Developed as a reliable and compact powerhouse, the Tobroco GIANT G3500 is ready to make its debut in North America. A comfortable and safe working environment has been developed for easy and accurate operation. The brand-new articulating loader offers contractors, farmers, fertilizer companies, rental companies, and government entities the flexibility they need to get the job done.

The Giant G3500 X-TRA with ROPS/FOPS cabin

Compact powerhouse
The new Giant G3500-series delivers substantial power and lift capacity on a compact
footprint to meet customer demands for an agile loader with a narrow wheelbase that can
lift and transport heavy loads. The Giant G3500-series loader distinguishes itself by showcasing high tipping loads compared to its own weight. Depending on tire selection,
the loader has a width ranging from 53” (134 cm) and 65” (165 cm) and overall height of
90” (228 cm). With this narrow footprint, low or restricted passages are no problem, and
the machine’s versatility promotes applications for indoor or outdoor utilization.

To achieve performance while ensuring fuel-efficient operation, the Giant G3500-series
is powered by a new Kubota 48.5 kW/66 HP diesel engine. The engine is equipped
with a catalytic converter (DOC), soot filter (DPF), and is Final Tier 4 (Stage V)
emissions compliant. Whether transporting large payloads or performing rugged
activities, the hydrostatic 4-wheel-drive with automotive control (Bosch Rexroth) and
100% switchable differential lock on both 14-ton axles prevents the machine from losing
grip – even on loose soil, snow, etc. Driving speed of 18.5 mp/h (30 km/h) is achieved
through a 2-speed gearbox allowing customers to travel safely and efficiently from one
site to another or while transporting payloads.

The Giant G3500 Tele, loading a feed mixer wagon

Multi-purpose machine
A wide range of attachments transforms the G3500-series into a multi-purpose machine. Fork attachments will transport complete pallets while the G3500 X-TRA retains versatility by being capable of interchanging to sweeper or snow blade attachments to keep the worksite clean and safe. By capitalizing on proper attachment selection, it is possible to utilize the G3500-series in all working conditions year-round.

First-class operator comfort
The spacious cab of the new G3500-series was redesigned for more functionality and a
new, modern look. Customer demands, including great visibility and efficiency, were met by providing operators a comfortable and safe working environment for all-day operation. New features include air conditioning, a fully adjustable steering column, and luxury air-suspended seat. All necessary information (oil temperature, regeneration, etc.) can be monitored from a centralized LCD display while operating the integrated joystick controls. The compact loader is standard equipped with a certified ROPS/FOPS safety roof, which can be extended to a full-option cabin.

The Giant G3500 Z-Bar

Unique features
The Giant G3500-series is available with 3 different boom options to suit unique
customer demands:
– Z-Bar boom: Standard boom option
– X-Tra boom: High lift capacity, high visibility
– Tele boom: Telescoping boom for high reach and high lift
Easy maintenance and the right back-up
Maintaining the G3500-series is simplified with strategically placed service access
points that are easy to reach. Filters, hydraulic systems, and engine components can
be freely accessed via the easy-to-open bonnet, tilting cab, or other service panels.
This translates into reduced downtime by promoting daily checks and maintenance that
can be carried out quickly and in a safe manner.



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