Tobroco-Giant Upgrades Four Smallest Wheel Loaders

Compact powerhouses received extra features

The four smallest models, the G1100 and G1200 and their tele-versions, have been constantly optimised in recent years. Lots of new extra options for these machines are also now available.

Source: Tobroco-Giant

Since their appearance some years ago, the smallest members of the Tobroco-Giant wheel loader family became very popular not only in construction, but also with companies working in landscaping and gardening.

In a time when well-trained employees are scarce while work and deadlines create more and more pressure, the importance of having a versatile and compact motorised helper has considerably increased. At the same time, it is also very important to improve the working conditions for employees. This enables them to manage the great variety of different duties in a safe and healthy manner.

For this reason, today many tasks, such as delivering of material within the building site, minor transporting and excavating tasks, which have been done by hand for a long time, are now delegated to compact machines. They have to be able not only to work within limited space while providing a high performance, but simultaneously they must be transported easily from one site to the next and be deployable for a lot of different purposes.

Small weight – great flexibility

With a service weight of only 1.100 kg for the G1100 and G1200 and 1.200 kg for the G1100 TELE and G1200 TELE the compact machine are easily and quickly transported on a common car trailer from one working site to the next. The attachments, playing their role in the incredible versatility of the machine, can also be put on the trailer with no trouble at all. All the same the smallest Giants really live up to their name “Giant Ant”, because they are able to almost lift their own weight. The tele-versions of the two models still offer a lifting capacity of 750 kg.

The small powerhouses are driven by four strong Poclain wheel engines, which provide surprisingly high push and pull forces and are known to be really low maintainance. Due to the hydrostatic four wheel drive with automotive control, the wheel loaders show very comfortable driving characteristics. The electrically controlled slip differential makes sure all four wheels stay safely on the ground all the time. To change between forward and backward is made very easy with an electrical switch.

The flexibility of the machines is based on the right range of attachments. Tobroco-Giant has a team of engineers who are specialized on attachments, they are focused on developing new and improving existing attachments. This is reflected in the complete line of attachments for the G1100 and G1200 models. Whether it is a sweeper, tree grab or soil bucket, the GIANT attachments are specifically designed for these machines and guarantee the best performance and efficiency.

Source: Tobroco-Giant

A lot of optimising

Even when the machines haven’t changed a lot from the outside, there have been made quite a few technical changes on them: The engines (20hp for the G1100 and 25 hp for G1200) are now Stage V engines according to international standard. As well there are protective plates on the bottom and on the front on the machine to protect it against damage by branches, rocks, etc.

To make transport and the lifting of the machine easier there are now lifting eyes provided. This way, it can be tightly fixed on the trailer and transported to its destination and, if necessary, easily lifted over a wall. The machine can be supplied with narrowed mudguards making it even more narrow and to go 87,5 cm literally through every door.

New options available for more individual adaption

Now there are – apart from the above mentioned changes of the standard model – more options for G1100 and G1200 (Tele) available. For a more comfortable way of working there is a mechanically suspended seat including safety belt, armrest and backrest on offer. Furthermore, there is a transport securing device so you can block the arm in all directions by just pressing a button. Another option is the hose rupture protection in combination with floating position and transport securing device. As well, it is possible to order the machines with road specification from the factory.

Exclusively for the G1200 and the G1200 Tele there are two extra options: Either the HD driving mechanism or a higher driving speed (up to 19 km/h) can be chosen. HD stands for “Heavy Duty” and provides 45% more pulling force than the standard version. A higher driving speed makes a lot of sense if material must be loaded, unloaded or transported over longer distances.

Source: Tobroco-Giant

A lot of arguments for the “little ones”

With the help of the new details, the two models offer even more comfort in handling the machine and can even more reliably when taking over different tasks in construction, landscaping and gardening be it lifting, transporting, loading, digging or cleaning, there are nearly no limits.

In addition, the two tele-versions load can load great heights or store and fetch material from high rise racks. Compared to their service weight, they life an impressive amount. Due to their small weight, can also they work without damaging the surface. Smaller machines also have the added benefit of lifting in remote places like inside buildings or internal courtyards that are impassable for normal machines.

Source: Tobroco-Giant