Magnation Water technologies showcases chemical-free water conditioning at its first AHR EXPO exhibit debut

Magnation Water Technologies is making its debut at AHR Expo from February 3-5 in Orlando, Florida (booth 9220). Within its exhibition, Magnation will be showcasing its commitment to sustainable and efficient water and demonstrate how its performance-driven products have helped a wide range of clients correct hard water challenges using a chemical-free, energy-free, maintenance-free and byproduct-free water treatment process with the power of physics.

The company will also explain how it was able to save Gap Inc. and other leading organizations up to 42% in HVAC energy consumption, while boosting their biosecurity and sustainability ratings in the process.

“We’re confident that Magnation is the most sustainable solution with a huge and fast ROI for scale removal and prevention — as well as reducing foul odors, hazardous biofilm and reducing maintenance,” says Mike Jenzeh, CEO and President of Magnation Water Technologies.

At AHR 2020, attendees will see first-hand how Magnation uses physics to turn hard water into soft, high-quality “rainlike” water. When this occurs, water becomes more bioavailable and leads to significant scale reduction.

“Our products are long-lasting, maintenance free, require zero energy, and involve a one-time installation. At the expo, we’ll be explaining how our three game-changing products are dramatically transforming the business practices of organizations like Gap Inc., Tyson Foods, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Real Madrid FC facility and training fields in Spain, and others seeking to cut down on water usage, reduce energy output/costs, and create a better environment for the communities they serve.”

says Jenzeh.

The Magnation booth will give attendees a hands-on experience with the company’s three products including the Rainbolt, Aquabolt, and its patented Turbulator:

  • The Rainbolt looks like a simple pipe on the outside, but on the inside it’s an advanced device that uses specialized magnets to reduce viscosity and improve flow without chemicals or electricity. It’s been proven to provide a 10 percent savings in water flow efficiency.
  • The Aquabolt is a mid-sized device that utilizes a static mixer and two Rainbolts at each end. The device is optimized to disrupt and agitate heavily bonded minerals to water molecules.
  • The Turbulator works similarly to the Aquabolt, but uses fins and flanges to fit into larger pipes. As water passes through, hard water is agitated with various geometric designs in order to break apart the bonds that contribute to the structure of hard water.

Magnation’s products are currently being utilized by leading and growing organizations of all shapes and sizes. It develops both out-of-the-box and custom solutions — all of which make an instant impact when installed.

“A growing number of golf courses, stadiums, and master plan communities use Magnation on a small scale in the beginning, then quickly see cost and energy-saving benefits. This usually leads them to expanding its application for greater impact,” says Jenzeh.

“The same is true for manufacturers who see an exponential improvement where scale and buildup is concerned within their machinery. We’re both helping to extend machinery life and significantly reduce the downtime needed for cleaning.”

Get a first-hand look at this paradigm-changing technology that has made Magnation a global leader in physical water conditioning.

Mike Jenzeh, CEO and President of Magnation Water Technologies

Source: Magnation