Toro Sets a New Standard for Valves with the New 900 Series

Toro Ag is setting a new standard for valve performance with the new Toro 900 Series Valve. The 900 Series Valve gives growers an efficient and reliable foundation for irrigation system control while offering designers flexible valve sizing to fit a wide range of applications: everything is bundled in a simple, 4-piece valve assembly that allows for easy in-field maintenance.

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“This valve strikes a great balance between simplicity and innovation.

The distinctive curved profile of the valve seat where the diaphragm meets the valve body creates an easier path for water through the valve, reducing pressure loss and allowing the downstream irrigation system to reach operational flow rates more quickly. This subtle design improvement has an oversized impact on valve performance while keeping the simplicity and effectiveness of the 4-piece valve intact.”

says Adam Setzler, product manager for Toro’s Ag Business.

Advantages of the unique valve seat design include:

  • Efficiency – The irrigation system operates more effectively with low opening pressure and minimal pressure loss due to the profile of the valve seat.
  • Flexibility – reduced pressure loss allows for a wider operational range for each line size to incorporate into system design.
  • Reliability – hydrodynamic valve seat and durable diaphragm eliminate vibration or distortion, extending the life of internal parts.
Photo courtesy of Toro
Toro 900 Series Valves are available in a wide range of common options, ranging in size from 1.5” to 6” and offering threaded, grooved, and flanged connections. The valves can be configured to function as basic on/off, pressure reducing, or pressure sustaining valves and can operate manually or with electric AC, DC, or DC latching solenoids.

“Toro Ag’s foundation is built on our deep understanding of growers’ needs. That insight results in quality drip irrigation products that provide superior performance to help growers succeed.

We are confident that our new 900 Series Valve will be a game changer for farmers throughout the Americas, complementing our expanded portfolio of irrigation system solutions.”

affirms Ralf San Jose, director of marketing for Toro Ag Americas.

Photo courtesy of Toro

Source: Toro

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