Sandvik launches the first automation-ready underground ITH long hole drill for production drilling, service support, and mechanized slot raising: a truly versatile automated ITH long hole drill for a wide range of ITH applications.

Versatility and high drilling capacity in underground ITH drilling

For the first time in the global market, the DU412i introduces mechanized pipe handling in V–30 slot raising applications. The DU412i is Sandvik’s first fully automated ITH long hole drill. It is highly versatile, fitted with an onboard booster and a drilling module for fan or parallel Ø90-216 mm long-hole drilling, using 3” to 8” ITH hammers. Equipped with the V-30 head, the drill provides mechanized reaming of Ø30” slot raises.

The DU412i is available with high capacity onboard boosters and hammer pressure up to 28 bar. This ensures higher penetration rates, drilling capacity and supports hammers up to 8” at 24 bar pressure. The increased boom offset of parallel holes to 3000 mm allows more holes to be drilled each set-up.

Productivity increase with automation and teleremote operation

The DU412i has automation packages for repeating drilling cycles with speed and precision. Unmanned drilling through breaks and shift changes increases fleet utilization; one operator can supervise multiple units, improving product safety and productivity. The drill is equipped with a new, improved user interface on the drill or in the remote-control location. The standard Silver drilling package features single-hole automation (including uncoupling of pipes), while the optional Platinum delivers fan automation, drill plan management, and as-drilled data download.

Teleremote drilling operation on the DU412i improves productivity and product safety. Radio-remote tramming gives the operator excellent visibility of the work area to safely tram the unit between fans and set it up very precisely without being in the operation area. The tramming is possible on either diesel power or using the electric power pack.

Improved safety with mechanization in slot raising

The FOPS/ROPS cabin on the DU412i is the safest and the most comfortable working environment in underground drilling. It offers a more open and spacious environment for the operator with increased visibility and low sound pressure level during drilling <75 dBA. Adjustable drilling control panel and seat improve operating comfort during operation, while tramming teleremote cameras are available.

In the V-30 slot raising configuration, the unit is delivered with blind bore feed and split centralizer, spaced out RH6250 rotation head and PC225 carousel. The storing capacity of the carousel allows up to 40 m of continuous drilling and slot raising. The unit is fitted with KSU34 onboard booster (34 m³/min @ 28 bar) and single-hole automation for Ø6½” pilot hole drilling and for reaming the pilot to Ø10” can be utilized. Pipe handling during reaming the raise to Ø30” with the V–30 head is mechanized.

The layout of the carrier allows ground access to all service points, while swing-out frames offer ease of access to other components and safety in service.

Source: Sandvik


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