Hitachi launches ZX210X-6 ICT hydraulic excavator

The first Hitachi ICT hydraulic excavator with machine control in Europe, the ZX210X-6, will have a huge impact on construction and civil engineering projects – increasing efficiency considerably (by an estimated 30-50%), enhancing safety and making life easier for operators.

Incorporating the latest technological advancements from Hitachi Construction Machinery, the ZX210X-6 excavator is one of the most precise models on the market. The semi-automatic operation of the front of the machine ensures consistently high levels of accuracy. As a result, the amount of repetitive work on site is decreased and less time is needed to complete construction projects – leading to reduced running costs and fewer emissions.

The ZX210X-6’s highly accurate performance also contributes to enhanced safety on the job site. Designed for easy operation with user-friendly features, it supports the skills of operators.

Exceptional efficiency

One of the features that enables the ZX210X-6 to work quicker than conventional models is the bucket angle retention. Slope finishing can be carried out with fewer movements, for example, as the angle of the bucket is maintained throughout. This also allows the operator to focus on the operation of the boom and arm.

Another feature is the overcut protection function, which enables operators to work quickly and easily, without worrying about over digging. The edge of the bucket is controlled by the ZX210X-6, so that it follows the target surface.

Unrivalled accuracy

The responsive sensors mounted on the body, boom, arm and bucket of the ZX210X-6 are among the fastest available. These enable accurate measurement of the excavator’s incline, and the angle of the front of the machine. They work in perfect harmony with the unique hydraulic control unit. When combined with the renowned hydraulics of Hitachi excavators, this gives the ZX210X-6 a competitive edge in the market.

The accurate position of the ZX210X-6 can be determined with the 3D system. 3D civil engineering design data can be downloaded by the machine via the internet or a USB device, and its position and altitude are then ascertained by satellite positioning and the sensors.

Alternatively, the 2D system uses coordinates, calculated from design drawings, and data entered manually by the operator into the monitor. It uses the machine as a reference point, taking information from the sensors. Some staking is required for measuring on site when using the 2D system, whereas this is significantly reduced using 3D.

User-friendly operation

The easy-to-read 10-inch touchscreen monitor in the cab of the ZX210X-6 highlights its user-friendly appeal. Developed in cooperation with one of the global leaders of machine guidance devices, Trimble, it is factory-fitted by Hitachi Construction Machinery and operates like a smartphone.

The operator can rotate the view of the machine 360°, and also zoom in and out of the view to monitor progress in more detail. The view can be customised according the operator’s preference, and it has a split-screen option to show two or three views simultaneously.

The introduction of the ZX210X-6 machine to the European market is a significant milestone for Hitachi Construction Machinery, in the wider context of its development of ICT construction solutions and the increasing importance of BIM (building information modelling) in the construction industry.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV Product Manager Wilbert Blom says: “The ZX210X-6 excavator plays a pivotal role in Hitachi’s ICT construction solutions, which connect people, information, processes and technology to create safe and productive working environments. More accurate than its competitors, it is the most technologically advanced Hitachi excavator to date.”

Source: Hitachi constructrion machinery

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