Massey Ferguson 3 Series Specialty Tractor Debuts at World Ag Expo

AGCO has launched at the World Ag Expo the Massey Ferguson 3 Series Specialty tractor, available in the North American market. This new product line is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by vineyards and orchards and offers seven different models ranging from 75-115 HP. The MF 3 Series tractors are designed to provide a solution for challenging applications, with a focus on efficiency, comfort, and reduced carbon footprint.

“The farmer is at the heart of every Massey Ferguson design, and we are excited to share this brand-new offering with vineyard and orchard operations here in California, as well as across North America.

We understand the importance of productivity and economy in these applications, and we’re proud to offer one of the most powerful, versatile and comfortable machines on the market.”

states Kevin Lewallen, tactical marketing manager for Massey Ferguson North America.

Massey Ferguson’s 3 Series tractors come in a variety of models to suit different agricultural applications. For vineyard and orchard work, there are 75, 95, and 115 HP cab models in the Specialty (SP) version. For tunnel and fruit orchard settings, there are 75, 95, and 105 HP models in the narrow, low-profile Ground Effect (GE) version. Finally, for traditional vineyards, there is a single 95 HP model in the Vineyard (VI) version.

Top-notch vineyard tractor
The Vinyard version offers unparalleled comfort to operators who have to spend long hours driving. The cab is slightly over 3 feet wide, which allows it to navigate through tight vineyard rows with ease. The design is innovative, enabling high power and torque at low engine RPM, which results in maximum efficiency and reduced noise levels.

Farmers can choose between proven transmission options to customize the MF 3VI.95 and others in the series to fit their unique needs in terms of ease of use, fuel economy and much more.

A compact front end and Massey Ferguson’s low-profile automatic transmission fluid (ATF) components provide best-in-class visibility, while a Cat.4-compliant roof pairs with high-tech, ergonomic features inside the cab for optimum productivity and comfort.

Innovative speciality tractor option
The Specialty version offers a dependable tractor with a high return on investment. The 75 HP models have a 3.4-liter, 4-cylinder engine, while higher horsepower models have a 3.6-liter engine.

Exceptional operator comfort and convenience come in the form of a 4-foot-wide cab that strikes a balance to fit the very specific dimensional demands of the market. Farmers can get more done between refuelling with the 3SP model’s 26-gallon fuel tank and ample power for the task at hand.

The MF 3 Series Ground Effect version includes all open-station platform models.

This model is designed to meet the specific requirements of older wine grapes and raisin vineyards, thanks to its narrow and low-profile dimensions. The MF 3GE models offer optimal efficiency with reduced noise and fuel consumption.

Like other models in the 3 Series, the MF 3GE allows farmers to customize horsepower and specifications for an ideal equipment solution that provides power, versatility, and comfort without paying for unnecessary features.

“The Massey Ferguson brand is recognized around the world as a premier manufacturer of durable, user-friendly agricultural equipment.

We’re proud to bring our Farmer-First approach to a new market in North America. All models of the MF 3 Series offer power, manoeuvrability and reliability with a fast ROI and a smaller carbon footprint.”

affirms Lewallen.

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