The Lemken Compact Disc Harrow Heliodor will be Combinable with a Precision Slurry Spreader

The Lemken compact disc harrow Heliodor will soon be combinable with a precision slurry spreader

From March 2022, the Lemken Heliodor compact disc harrow will be available with a preparation set for attaching a Vogelsang DosiMat DMX precision spreader. The resulting powerful combination of two proven implements is ideal for the precise low-loss spreading and incorporation of liquid organic fertilizers such as slurry.

The Heliodor offers a sound basis for this type of application, as it is compact and low-draught and therefore only places little additional demands on the tractor’s lifting and traction powers. The DosiMat DMX is renowned for its very even transverse and longitudinal distribution, which is consistently maintained even at extremely low and extremely high application rates.

The way the two implements work together is very simple: Slurry is fed into the DosiMat from above, homogenized inside the device by a flow-optimized rotor equipped with cutting blades, and then pushed into the individual outlets. Fiber and foreign matter are reliably shredded in the process – this enables the desired precise distribution and helps to avoid disruptive blockages. The slurry then passes via hoses to the area behind the first row of discs on the Heliodor, where it is injected into the soil and immediately incorporated by the second row of discs and the trailing roller without any delay.

In terms of economy, the Heliodor/DosiMat duo is exactly in line with current trends. With rising prices for mineral fertilizers, many farmers want to utilize the nutrients stored in their slurry. This is achieved through precise application and immediate incorporation while minimizing nitrogen losses, making the process not only extremely economical but also compliant with water protection requirements.