Mecalac Hydraulic Thumb Increases Material Handling Ease

Mecalac offers a new hydraulic thumb option for its recently re-configured two-piece boom with offset, available for 6MCR skid excavators and 7MWR wheeled excavator models. The new thumb makes it easy to pick up, maintain and move large or long objects, transforming material handling capabilities for applications such as truck loading or pipe laying. This makes it ideal for contractors in a number of industries including utilities, landscaping, road maintenance, and general construction.

Peter Bigwood, general manager for Mecalac North America, said:

“Mecalac believes a machine that doesn’t make an operator’s life easier has no place on the job site. The hydraulic thumb not only increases productivity, but it also keeps workers safer and makes their lives easier.”

The hydraulic thumb option permanently mounts to the bucket linkage where it is powered by the boom’s hydraulic cylinder. Unlike grappling buckets or other attachments that must be dismantled during other operations, the new hydraulic thumb can remain attached during digging work or other tasks. The thumb is composed of four teeth and is compatible with Mecalac’s CONNECT hydraulic quick coupler, the safest and most compact quick coupler on the market. When engaged, the constant pressure exerted on the thumb throughout the cylinder’s stroke ensures precise control of the load, allowing operators to efficiently move boulders, pipes, and other cumbersome objects without leaving the cab or changing the attachment.

The new hydraulic thumb option is available on 6MCR and 7MWR models with Mecalac’s two-piece boom with offset and can be added to existing models with this boom, as well. This variation of Mecalac’s innovative boom design maintains the unrivaled range of motion and industry-leading lifting force. Additionally, positioning the stick cylinder above the boom, rather than underneath, provides a wider working angle, faster movement, and a higher penetration force that is ideal for excavation and truck loading applications. Dimensions and work envelope remain similar to the standard boom, and attachments, such as loader buckets and pallet forks, are still compatible.

Mecalac offers a new hydraulic thumb option for select 6MCR and 7MWR models, making it easy to pick up, maintain and move large or long objects.