Volvo Construction Equipment Extends Oil Change Intervals to 1000 Hours

Advancements in Volvo CE lubricant technology, coupled with new high-performance engine filters, cut engine drain intervals and costs by up to 50%.

Volvo Construction Equipment is releasing new oil change filters that extend drain intervals to 1,000 hours for articulated haulers, wheel loaders, and excavators. Longer intervals save customers up to 50% on maintenance costs and planned downtime without compromising component performance or longevity.

The maximum engine oil change interval is now 1,000 hours (or 12 months) when using Volvo Engine Oil VDS-4.5 15W-40 or VDS-4.5 10W-30 engine oils in conjunction with Volvo high-performance engine oil filters. The extended-interval filters can be ordered from the factory on articulated hauler models A25G–A60H, wheel loader models L60H–L350H, and select excavator models from EC140E–EC950F.

No component on heavy equipment works harder than the engine oil. From minimizing friction to keeping the engine cool and preventing wear on all moving parts, lubricants clean the system by capturing and filtering combustion by-products.

“Maintenance costs are an important part of the total cost of ownership, and the extended oil change interval is an important addition to our Volvo Services solutions to drive uptime, productivity, and profitability,”

said Alessandro Pasa, director, Volvo Services and Aftermarket Sales.

How It works

The new Volvo Engine Oil VDS 4.5 15W-40 and 10W-30 lubricants are formulated to better suspend contaminates and maintain viscosity. The oils are proven to resist sludge formation over the full 1,000-hour drain interval. Improved oxidation and higher thermal stability mean better protection, even under the most severe off-highway applications where engine temperatures can be very high.

Lengthening the time between drain intervals gives customers tangible cost savings in labor and materials while increasing machine uptime. Reducing the frequency of oil changes also has employee safety, environmental, and sustainability impacts.

Volvo Engine Oil VDS-4.5 exceeds the performance level of standard engine oils currently offered on the market. These high-quality mineral-based engine oils were rigorously tested using the Volvo Group’s T-13 engine test, which measures piston ring wear, cylinder liner wear, lead corrosion, oil consumption, oxidation, and nitration. VDS-4.5 lubricants passed with significant margins that exceed industry standards. No measurable component wear was observed, even after the full test period was completed.

Source: Volvo CE