AGCO and Geringhoff Announce New Partnership

AGCO and Carl Geringhoff Vertriebsgesellschaft, announced that an agreement has been signed for the two companies to form a collaboration for the distribution and development of combine harvester headers.

“Geringhoff is a strong business that plays an essential role in the growth and adoption of innovative combine harvester header technologies that help farmers enhance their productivity,”

said Barry O’Shea, Vice President Product Line Leader for AGCO combines.


“As a leading global equipment manufacturer, AGCO is uniquely positioned to support broader distribution of Geringhoff combine harvester cutting heads alongside its own combine harvesters. The collaboration will also result in the development of innovative harvesting products that improve the efficiency and productivity for farmers around the world.”

“The agreement between Geringhoff and AGCO will provide new opportunities for Geringhoff to grow its global combine header business and develop new harvesting cutting technologies to strengthen our position as leading supplier for arable farmers across the globe,”

said Daniel Hansmeier, Geringhoff’s Chief Executive Officer.