MaterMacc Presents the New MS 8000 EVO Seeder

The MS 8000 EVO seeding unit is characterized by its ability to operate at speeds of up to 12 km/h while still offering high levels of precision (ISO 7256). The performance of this new vacuum precision planter is also consistently higher than that of the well-known and appreciated MS 8000 RS, with a substantial increase in seeding quality and precision at any working speed. These improvements are the result of careful redesign work involving both the body of the planting unit and the seed distributor.
Several elements have been redesigned in the new MagicSem PLUS distributor including the seeding plates (now equipped with a built-in seed agitator) and the drop tube.
MaterMacc’s engineers did not limit themselves to improving the performance of the seed distributor; the body of the seeding unit has also been redesigned so that it can easily withstand higher working speeds.
The profile of the furrow-opening discs has been redesigned and new bearings now offer greater protection against contamination, which guarantees smoother movement and long service life.
New scrapers on both sides of each disc are now equipped with a tungsten carbide insert which provides up to four times resistance to wear, resulting in better contact with the disc and optimal cleaning for longer periods, even on sandy soils.
The spoked depth wheels are supplied as standard on the “EVO” models and are supported by new cast-iron arms with built-in scraper support, high-performance bearings, and wheel alignment adjustment. Thanks to the quick-set adjustment system, the positioning of the scraper can be adjusted easily, quickly, and accurately. The cast elements offer greater robustness to tackle work at up to 12 km/h without worries while the new bearings, limiting dust ingress as much as possible, guarantee smooth wheel movement without slipping.
A new loading spring now allows up to 135 kg of pressure to be applied to the soil, ensuring better stability at high working speeds.
Source: MaterMacc