An Insight Into Hardi Trailer Range

RANGER – Leading in features

Being the smallest in the large Hardi trailer range, the kinship does not fail. The Ranger is designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer. This goal is reached and proven by successful worldwide sales since the introduction in 2006. At the same time, Ranger is leading in its class offering a big range of different features.

Booms based on toughly different concepts ensure the right boom for the specific need. Intelligent tank and frame design ensure stability and strength. Unique components guarantee the best performance and ultimate durability.

HC 5500 Controller

The HC 5500 is a powerful computer making the spray features easier and safer to use and easily supplies more information when needed. It is the obvious choice where features like IntelliTrack and advanced farming tools are desired. The operator is instantly informed of the operation status and warned if vital parameters like pressure, speed, etc. are incorrect.

It is advanced farming, ready with up to 98 registers and connection possibilities to a site-specific application map or a remote sensor. Various optional extras like SprayRover, TankGauge, or 12-V printer are available.

EAGLE 45 – 66 ft. booms

EAGLE booms feature a rugged two-dimensional structure and a coil spring self-stabilizing trapeze boom suspension. This combination provides for many years of trouble-free use even in the toughest field conditions.

A non-directional spring-loaded break-away system protects the boom from damage. EAGLE boom is the solution if robustness and high driving speed are required.


Heavy-duty chassis manufactured with high strength steel
The RANGER chassis is built with high-strength steel ensuring exceptional strength, at a relatively low weight. The chassis is built to endure under the most difficult conditions anywhere in the world.

The chassis is constructed with a low center of gravity
A sprayer with a high center of gravity can be very dangerous to operate. Great efforts have therefore been made to ensure that the RANGER has the lowest possible center of gravity without compromising clearance under the sprayer.

Excellent clearance
The unique design of the axle and frame ensures excellent crop clearance. The drawbar on the tractor and the axle on the sprayer will always be the lowest points on the sprayer.

Service area

Easy inspection of the tank
The lid is placed very close to the platform to allow for easy inspection of the tank, which, combined with the shape of the tank, makes the bottom and sides of the tank visible to the operator.

Low platform placement
The platform is placed as low as possible, providing easy access for the operator. The platform is equipped with a hand railing for safety and convenience.

Axle and wheels

Good crop clearance
The chassis is designed in a way that reduces crop damages to a minimum, with the ground clearance underneath the axle being 2.3 ft.  With a 60 – 90 in. adjustable axel.


The class-leading
HARDI ParaLift requires a minimum of service (lubrication, adjustment, etc.) and offers a better boom performance compared to traditional H frame systems.

The HARDI ParaLift ensures high clearance above any crop
The long lift arms allow for very flexible height adjustment, suspension ensures high performance of the boom. The 3.3 ft. wide ParaLift ensures a very stable attachment of the boom.

Main tank

Very low center of gravity
To make the sprayer as stable as possible the tank is much wider at the bottom, ensuring a low center of gravity.

The liquid is moved forwards as the tank is emptied, thereby maintaining weight on the drawbar. In this way traction on the tractor is maintained, even when going up slopes with an almost empty tank. Because of the forward sloping of the tank, agitation towards the sump is very effective.

The sprayer is completely emptied even on slopes up to 10 degrees – uphill or downhill.

Tank drain
Draining the main tank is easily done by means of the pull cord. The operation is at the top of the tank which gives a safer way to empty the sprayer.

Dry sight gauge
The RANGER comes standard with the dry level indicator. Ensuring visible tank volume at all times. No sharp corners prevent sedimentation of pesticides.

Agitation nozzles
The adjustable. pressurized agitation system allows the operator to adjust for the demands of different spray solutions. This allows the operator to maximize the agitation for hard-to-mix chemicals or reduce agitation when there is a risk of foaming.

CleanWater Tank

The RANGER can be equipped with a conveniently located 5 gal. Clean Water Tank, providing the operator with clean water in the work zone for safe clean-up of contaminated items.


The RANGER can be equipped with a complete rinsing system. This system will flush the spraying equipment after completing the spray job. It flushes the control unit, pump, filters, and boom lines. The standard tank flush nozzle will vigorously clean the inside of the main tank. The rinse system will ensure fast, safe and easy change between plant protection products.

The 63 gal. rinse tank is placed on the rear axle for stability. The filling can easily be done from the left side of the sprayer


To meet the requirements of bigger sprayers and to improve lifetime, HARDI offers 464 pumps. A reduction in pressure drop has been avoided by improving the flow in the diaphragm tops. For easy service, we have integrated lifting hooks while moving two greasing points to the front, to easy lubrication of the front and the rear of the pump. The casted conrod support ring has also been redesigned for an improved mechanical lifetime. The most visible change is the new covers designed to protect the pump from mud and water getting into the system.

  • Self-priming
  • Able to run dry without damage
  • Easy to service
  • Grease-lubricated crankcase


All primary functions needed to operate the sprayer when filling or cleaning have been built into the centrally located manifold system.

The logical position of the color-coded handles together with the easy-to-read color-coded icons makes the system very easy to understand and operate.

This greatly reduces the start-up and operation time of the sprayer and lessens the risk of operator errors.

Suction filter

The RANGER has an optional suction filter. The unique HARDI S fittings make service and maintenance quick and easy.


The HARDI CycloneFilter is a unique self-cleaning pressure filter using a high-speed cyclone for additional cleaning action. The cyclone action increases the cleaning capacity of the filter significantly.

The unique cyclone action greatly improves the self-cleaning action
The cyclone created inside the filter increases the speed of the liquid against the filter screen, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the self-cleaning action. The filter is positioned so that spill is avoided at inspection.


EVC with pressure relief and constant pressure
The EVC is a modular system with a positive drive motor valve for each section. The durable motors ensure long life with low maintenance.

When the section is switched to OFF, the pressure in the line to the nozzles is relieved. This results in instant shut-off at the nozzles.

The EVC has a constant pressure system
This system ensures that the spraying pressure remains constant when sections are opened or closed.

Pressure control

High capacity
The pressure regulation system is based on a high-capacity bypass valve.

No internal residue build-up
A bleed line in the valve ensures constant flushing to prevent residue build-up in the valve. This minimizes the risk of contamination when changing pesticides.

Can be operated manually without electrical power
A “finish-the-job” feature, if an infield problem occurs.


The HARDI TurboFiller is developed to handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper.

High mixing capacity 
Liquid at high pressure is being used to create a powerful rotation of the liquid inside the hopper. This movement gives the effect that every powder or liquid chemical is mixed before it is sucked into the sprayer. The highest capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.

Optimum filling height 
A spring-loaded bracket with a transport lock makes it easy to change from field to fill the position.

Control box units

The control boxes are compact, ergonomically designed units that allow the operator’s right hand to naturally rest around the right side of the box. The logical switch layout puts all frequently used functions at the operator’s fingertips.

The supplied pillar bracket, designed for ISO mount points, is quick to fit to the tractor. A wing bolt releases the boxes for quick removal. A single 39-pin plug is connected to the box.

Large color-coded switches
Switches are easy to identify and use. Foam marker, end nozzles, and an “A-B” switch are included for optional operator-specific functions.

Thermal fuses
No need to replace the mechanical fuse if a short circuit has occurred.

Emergency operation possible
The boxes can operate the basic sprayer functions without the computer.

EAGLE boom – 45 – 66 ft.

The strong well-proven 2-dimensional EAGLE boom is the ideal choice for operators looking for durability and value.

Folding wires
The folding cylinder is mounted near the center section; the outer wing is pulled in and out by a strong wire. This system absorbs forward and backward movements of the outer boom wing.

An adjustable spring-loaded breakaway system protects the boom from damage.

Protected adjustable nozzle holders
The nozzles are well-protected by the boom structure. The nozzle holders can be adjusted up and down for different types of nozzles.

Source: Hardi