Blue White Robotics Aims To Become The AWS Of Autonomy

Blue White Robotics, based in Israel and with operations also in the United States and Brazil, aims to offer customers an autonomy platform that integrates multiple types of robots, from aerial drones to autonomous tractors to driverless shuttles.

Ben Alfi, the company’s CEO, emphasizes that rather than developing its own autonomy stack, his team focuses on “autonomy now.” The platform allows an array of customers, including farmers and local governments, to achieve their goals, using the right collection of robots for each task.

Agriculture, in particular, is an important market. The company’s after-market autonomy kits help farmers put their existing tractors on Blue White Robotics’ platform, and manage the equipment autonomously.

Blue White Robotics also supports the pollination needs of large growers with aerial spraying. Whereas many drone delivery applications have been limited by the carrying capabilities of aerial vehicles, spraying takes advantage of drones’ mobility capabilities, while minimizing the payload the drones need to lift.

Far from competing with the autonomous drone and vehicle companies, Alfi’s team aims to complement and support them.

“Humility is part of our approach. We recognize that we cannot do everything ourselves. We provide a platform to the customer to manage the autonomous fleet, through which both customers and vendors, such as robotics companies, collect data.”

Alfi says.

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Source: Blue White Robotics