Bassi Seminatrici And Its Range Of Products

Bassi Seminatrici has been operating with the precision mechanical seeders since 50 years, during which they developed several technical innovations to improve the quality of seeding.

They offer a big range of products: Hand Drill, SM Seeder, SP 2002, SP 2012, SPX 2015, SP 94 with a disc system and SM 2000 with a sponge system

Disc System and Sponge System

-Disc System: In the models with disc system, the seed is contained inside the yellow hopper. From the hopper the seed falls into a perforated disc custom made according to the size of the seed and the distance on the row requested by the customer. Each hole corresponds to a seed and this guarantees precision on the row.

-Sponge System: In the models with sponge system, the seed is contained in the hopper. The sponge inside the hopper turns and drops the seed. The sponge does not damage the seed and it is possible to change the type of sowing very quickly.

Range of Products

-HAND DRILL: With the Hand Drill it is possible to sow vegetables, cereals, legumes, officinal and aromatic herbs. The movement of the seed distributor is given by the rear wheel with a pinion, crown and chain transmission. Thanks to the chain tensioner it is possible to change the crown and vary the sowing distance on the row without intervening on the sowing disc. The handles of the seeder are indipendent and the operator can tilt them according to his stature, without compromising the precision of the sowing depth. It is possible to adjust the sowing depth with a practical knob, the seeder is also equipped with a practical row marker and there is also a version with a 7 cm double furrower for double row sowing.

-SM SEEDER: The SM Seeder is a modular seeder: the number of sowing elements varies from 1 to 4 according to the customer’s needs. The sowing elements are applied behind a cultivator or a motor hoe and it is possible to sow vegetables, cereals, legumes, officinal and aromatic herbs, both with naked or pillolated seeds. The characteristics of the sowing element are the same as for the Hand Drill.

-SP 2002: The SP 2002 model is a modular seeder to be combined with the tractor. The number of elements depends on the customer’s sowing needs. In this model, disk movement is given by the rear wheel of the seeding element. This allows the disc to spin and drop the seeds. The parallelogram that connects the sowing element to the tractor allows you to follow the progress of the soil. The sowing depth can be adjusted through the appropriate regulator. The minimum distance between the sowing elements is 15 cm.

-SP 2012: The SP 2012 model is equipped with a simplified 5-speed gearbox that allows you to have 5 sowing distances by simply acting on a gear. The minimum distance between the seeding elements is 18 cm. A microgranulator for the distribution of fertilizer can be applied to this model.

-SPX 2015: The SPX 2015 model is ideal for sowing onion. The seeder is equipped with a gearbox to change the sowing distance on the row and there are 15 speeds available. The seeder works with a completely mechanical system. The system is simple, guarantees high speed of use and requires little maintenance. A microgranulator for the distribution of fertilizer can be applied to this model. The seeder is modular: the number of elements and the distance between the rows depend on the customer’s needs.

-SP 94: The SP 94 model was created to perform first rolling, sowing and second rolling to cover the seed in a single operation, in order to considerably reduce processing times. The rollers allow the advancement even in the most difficult soils and perform the important function of flattening and compressing the soil, ensuring a constant depth for all the sowing elements. The seeder is modular and custom built. There are two versions: towed to be combined with the tractor or self-propelled. SP 94 is mainly used for sowing radish, rocket, packchoi and valerian, but it adapts to any type of seed.

SM 2000

SM 2000 is the first seeder produced in Italy to use a sponge system that regulates the distribution of seeds of different sizes, avoiding any possible damage and distributing them evenly. The advantages of this model are:

Ease of use: changing sponges is very simple.

Speed of use: in just one minute it is possible to empty the cylinders that contain the seeds, fill them with a different variety and resume the sowing operations.

-Extreme versatility: the seeder is produced in two versions, self-propelled or trailed.

Each can be customized both as regards the total width of the seed drill, and for the distance between the rows (3-6, 5-10, 7-14, 8-16 cm) and the number of rows. Even the sowing depth is easily adjustable, while still ensuring extreme precision. There are 3 different versions of the SM 2000 model: mechanical, electromechanical and electronic.

-SM 2000 with Mechanical Variator: The mechanical system has no maintenance problems and does not require qualified personnel, because it is sufficient to position the arrow at the desired number to decide the quantity of seed that falls. It is ideal for large surfaces in the open field.

-SM 2000 with Electromechanical Variator: The electromechanical system is ideal for greenhouse work, because the sowing is continuous. The sowing quantity can be set manually using the arrow on the clock.

-SM 2000 with Electronic Variator: in the electronic system, the movement of the sponge is transmitted by a 12 V electric motor: by varying the speed of this motor with a convenient control, you can adjust the quantity of seed coming out. It is possible to sow from 1 to 1000 kg / Ha. This model is more precise as regards calibration, it allows you to program the dosage even if you change the type of seed. However, more attention is needed in programming the machine and specialized personnel is required. There is also a self-propelled version of this model.