Ponsse Present New Full Simulator

Ponsse is responding to the need for the development of training by modernizing its simulator product range. The new Ponsse Full Simulator is a full-range training system. Its realistic forest environment and detailed graphics create a perfect platform for professional training.

In addition to the new Ponsse Full Simulator, the product range consists of the Ponsse Basic and Ponsse Compact simulators. All three offer a modern learning environment for harvester, forwarder, and Ponsse Opti information system training. A simulator is a cost-effective and safe environment for training new operators, forest machine professionals, and service mechanics. A simulator also acts as an excellent tool in the research and development of work because individual situations can be repeated, and different harvesting methods can be compared, for example.

“The new PONSSE Full Simulator represents completely new digital technology, which makes simulator training smooth and enjoyable. Its detailed and realistic graphics make the training environment feel like actually being in a forest”, says Jussi Jurvanen, Simulator Specialist at Ponsse Plc. “Sim Trainer, the simulator’s training management system, consists of different levels for advancement as new skills are acquired, and teaches safe, effective and productive ways of operating a forest machine, even during the first training steps”, Jurvanen continues.

Ponsse simulators enable the training of different work stages within the entire machine chain

The simulator’s harvester section allows actual harvesting tasks to be practiced, different thematic exercises to be performed, and the operation of a machine’s control and measuring system to be studied. In the forwarder section, it is possible to practice how to operate and load a forwarder and control a crane in realistic conditions. The Ponsse Full and Ponsse Compact simulators are also ideal for training maintenance employees.

New digital technology in a simulator environment

  • 3 × 55” upright screens
  • PONSSE Opti information system, familiar with forest machines
  • Ergonomics that make learning enjoyable
  • The measuring device’s touchscreen is identical to that equipped in a genuine forest machine
  • Can be converted for excavator-based harvester training simply by replacing the handles and pedals.

Ponsse Academy

The continuous development of competence is one of Ponsse’s success factors. Every year, Ponsse Academy’s global training network allocates thousands of hours for training Ponsse’s employees, partners (retailers and educational institutes), and customers. Continuous training and its development ensure the safe and cost-effective use of Ponsse products across the world.

Courtesy of ponsse.com

Source: Ponsse