H&S Manufacturing Showcase Two Twin-Flex Mergers at Online World AG Expo

WI based H&S Manufacturing introduce two models of “TWIN-FLEXMergers, the TF5128 and TF6128, both available in 28’ sizes.

The new TF5128 and TF6128 models have the ability (with up to 16’ windrow cuts) to merge Windrows into one….in either direction. No additional Cross-Conveyor Extension is needed. Each model has its’ own PTO-driven pump and features a Center Cam/Center Drive System that provides less gap between the heads resulting in less material loss on each head.

The heads each have 6 Tine Bars with Graphite Impregnated Nylon Split Bearings. With this unique feature, you never have to pull tine bars to change the bearings. Cam Follower Bearings can be replaced from one side of the Cam without having to insert any tools thru the cam.

The model 6128 features the Exclusive “Soft ShoeSuspension Technology System with In-Cab-Adjust, and both models feature the Industries Largest Hydraulic Adjust Skid Pads. The Elliptical Shape Skid Pads ride on the back of the pad and decrease damage to the field. The 42” Cross Conveyor is also the widest in its’ class and moves the crop easily for smooth, even windrows.