Farmobile Works with Agricultural Retailers Association to Optimize Profitability in the Ag-Food Supply Chain

Organizations work together to help retailers realize the full value of real-time data across a mixed fleet.

Farmobile announced it is working with the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) to further its mission — to support members in their quest to maintain a profitable business environment, adapt to a changing world, and preserve their freedom to operate. The goal of the collaboration is to support agricultural retailers in getting the absolute most revenue out of one of the biggest line items in their P&Ls — their commercial fleet.

“At ARA, we’re fully committed to helping ag retailers increase their profitability and agility in a rapidly changing market. So many industries — like transportation — have been able to effectively leverage data to refine logistics, and with it, improve profitability. We’re excited to be working with Farmobile and others on efforts like these to help members leverage new data technologies for the benefit of their fleet operations.”

said ARA President and CEO Daren Coppock.

Commercial applicator and tender truck fleets can be difficult assets to manage as a part of an ag retail operation. A range of machine makes and models — often at multiple locations — makes it difficult to easily collect and consume the machine data needed to glean insights and optimize individual machines and full-fleet profitability. Multiple variables in fleet management, from fuel and labor costs to idling time across a mixed fleet, make the process even more challenging for retailers to get a timely, reliable read on the performance and overall return on investment for their fleet.

Real-time data is changing that by giving retailers the ability to derive detailed insights about the performance of their application and tender fleet and convert data into cost savings, operational efficiencies, and potentially incremental revenue.

“ARA has been at the forefront of identifying the trends that are most important to the future success of agricultural retailers. We’re thrilled to be able to be one of the organizations working with them to help retailers realize the full value of agronomic and machine data as power management, logistics, and performance tool.”

said Farmobile CEO Jason Tatge.

”As an association of ag retailers, we are constantly looking for services that provide the greatest value and assistance for retailers here at ARA. ARA’s Fleet Optimization partnership with Farmobile provides retailers the opportunity to reduce expenses and improve efficiencies; therefore, increasing profitability in a very challenging ag economy.”

said ARA Vice President of Membership and Corporate Relations Donnie Taylor.

With the power of comprehensive data collection on a fleet, retailers gain real-time logistics across applicators and tender trucks on a single screen. The data collected and reports generated allow them to identify top-performing machines and calculate cost snapshots in a timely manner. As part of the partnership, ARA is offering a limited-time, members-only exclusive package that includes data collection and LIVE logistics as well as performance and profitability fleet data analysis through Farmobile Services+ for Ag Retail Fleet. Now through March 31, 2021, ARA members can get special pricing on the combination of data technology and Services+ premium consulting services.

Source: Farmobile