RobAgri consolidates the agricultural robotics sector

The Robagri association aims at developing and structuring the agricultural robotics sector while addressing several strong issues of agriculture such as reducing hard working conditions, encouraging the ecological transition, and the reduction of inputs. It brings together 70 member manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, robotics research laboratories, agricultural technical institutes, poles while associating the agricultural sectors.

RobAgri provides a strong link with the state; For example, in May 2020, we submitted 10 proposals to make France one of the leaders in agricultural robotics, for eco-efficient and eco-responsible agriculture towards ecological transition. This is part of the recovery and acceleration plan on the agro-equipment and equipment component promoting ecological transition.

This role extends to European and international institutions (CEMA, OECD, etc.). Finally, Robagri carries out a mission of producing knowledge and methods while promoting technology transfers. The priority areas of work are on the one hand the standardization, safety, and performance tests of robots and on the other hand the adaptation of robots to the needs of farmers.

For the second time, RobAgri will organize the scientific forum of FIRA 2020 dealing with” Adaptation of robots behavior for efficient use in agriculture”. This workshop aims at sharing last scientific advances for agricultural robotics on the three following topics.

  • Robot decision for adaptation to human behavior, off-road and task diversity, and
    safety preservation
  • Human-robot interaction and robotic application for agriculture
  • Implements automation and coordination with robots for agriculture tasks achievement

Source: RobAgri