How can you prevent costly downtime this season?

“Preseason maintenance is the best way to ensure that your pivot is ready to go when you need it. It also helps prevent downtime and, in the long run, helps extend the life of your system.”

said Brad Dunbar, aftermarket manager at Lindsay.

Dunbar recommends this tune-up checklist:

  • Grease the pivot point: This helps keep the pivot point moving freely during operation. Also make sure the pivot ell is securely connected and any drain plugs have been reinserted.
  • Check tire pressure: The correct pressure helps maintain adequate flotation and helps prevent excessive gearbox wear.
  • Check gearbox oil level: Drain water gearboxes and top off with the appropriate gear oil.
  • Check center drive oil level: Fill to the levels indicated – be sure not to overfill, as that can cause seal failure.
  • Check all bolts: Loose bolts can cause unnecessary stress on the system.
  • Inspect drivelines: Worn joints and driveline bolts are easy to repair at the beginning of the season, but can be a real headache in the middle of a wet field.
  • Check end guns: If the system is equipped with an end gun, make sure all plumbing is intact and appears to be in good working condition. Also check for rodent damage and tubing degradation.

Dunbar said it’s also a good idea to start the system, so you can check for leaks and ensure proper sprinkler operation.

“Sprinklers and pressure regulators do have a lifespan. If your system is 10 or so years old, you might need to take a closer look at sprinkler package. If it’s out of date, you could lose application uniformity.”

he added.

Source: Lindsay