Like with so many other industries during the COVID-19 pandemic — and even within several sectors of the agricultural industry itself — people are looking for ways to adapt to the situation and improve upon the hand that they have been dealt with. This includes those working with beef cattle, and Arrowquip is set to release three new affordable cattle chutes to help producers with everything going on around them.

The New Q-Catch 74 Series Standard Model

Following the warm reception of Arrowquip’s recently launched Q-Catch 74 Series deluxe vet comes the new Q-Catch 74 Series standard, a new model option for those who can do without the built-in vet cage. The features on this model are exactly the same as the former, which means the new Q-Catch 74 Series standard can help you get the job done right at a particularly advantageous price point.

The Q-Catch 74 Standard. Courtesy of

The Q-Catch 74 Standard has Q-Catch Head Gate with 3E Technology (barred curtain style uses light to improve cattle flow), a metal-punched ribbed steel floor, a seven-year warranty, and a new drop-down needle bar with removable panel, removable and configurable side access panels, and split top and bottom doors on both sides (can be used together or separately), among many other features.

The Q-Power 104 Deluxe Vet and Standard Model

The Q-Power 104 Series standard and deluxe models are hydraulic versions of their Q-Catch 74 Series counterparts. With the same access features, steel flooring, and 3E head gate, the Q-Power 104 Series is practical cattle handling with a hydraulic boost. For ranchers who are searching for affordable solutions in place of hired help, the Q-Power 104 Series is a prime option.

The key features of the Q-Power 104 Series include a three-year warranty on hydraulics (the longest warranty in the industry), a top-mounted 110V hydraulic pump, and a hydraulic rolling door (the first and only from Arrowquip).

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Source: Arrowquip


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