Lemken presents the new Orion Trailed Field Sprayer

The new trailed field sprayer Orion with tank volumes between 4,000 and 6,000 litres is available with aluminium booms in working widths from 24 to 39 metres. Numerous features support customised configurations in line with individual needs.

Courtesy of lemken.com

The robust, yet light aluminium boom folds two or three times laterally, depending on working width. It is parallelogram-controlled and balanced via an axial rotary mechanism in the centre section. Lemken’s AdaptiveBalancingControl (ABC) ensures a good boom position with the centre of gravity below the pivot point. The optional proactive boom control results in the individual boom arms adapting directly to uneven terrain or changes in the crop. A circulation line with individual nozzle control in the boom provides for precision.

The inductor has a capacity of 55 litres and delivers edge moistening without producing spray mist. An intake and flushing connection for a closed transfer system (CTS) are optionally available. The inductor swivels out easily, and its height can be adjusted for improved ergonomics. The lid seals tightly and allows empty containers to be held securely to that residual liquid can drain fully before it is flushed out. All lines are housed underneath covers on both sides of the field sprayer and are easily accessible for maintenance.

The Orion is available with tank volumes of 4,000, 5,000 or 6,000 litres and a 620-litre clean water tank. Inside the tank, a powerful hydraulic injector agitator ensures that spray fluid is available at the optimal concentration, even if the sprayer has been standing for some time. Thanks to the electronic fill level indicator, operators always know how much fluid is in the tank.

The drawbar is attached to the lower link and permanently suspended for reliably smooth handling. An automatic, load-dependent brake adjusts the braking performance for greater operating safety. Depending on the tank volume, the Orion features a telescopic axle or flanged axle, which allows the implement to be operated with different track widths. Mechanical or pneumatic axle suspension is available, as is Ackerman steering with the fully automatic true-track following. With a maximum width of 2.55 metres, even narrow town roads are easily navigated.

The Orion features ISOBUS and is therefore very versatile in its operation and networking. Lemken MegaSpray implement control allows the sprayer to be controlled both on the implement itself, via the Opus terminal, and via an ISOBUS terminal in the cab. This field sprayer is easily integrated into digital networks via the agrirouter, the new cross-vendor data exchange platform, to connect it to the NEXT Machine Management machine planning and documentation system, for example, or a field database.

Source: Lemken