AGCO Introduces Fendt Momentum Planter to North America

Revolutionary design delivers new standard for seed placement accuracy in quest for even emergence and optimum yields

AGCO Corporation introduces the new Fendt Momentum planter to North American row crop producers. The revolutionary design and versatility of this planter establish a new standard for seed placement accuracy and provide technologies to help overcome planting conditions that have historically challenged even emergence and resulted in less than optimum crop yields.

Alex Lundgren, product manager, Global Crop Care, Seeding & Tillage at AGCO, says:

“Row crop producers know an evenly emerged, picket-fence stand planted during the ‘ideal planting window’ is a critical first step for optimum yields. However, at planting there are many agronomic and operational challenges that can be beyond their control. That’s why it is important to control what we can, when we can”.

The Fendt® Momentum™ planter from AGCO is the most agronomically advanced planter available worldwide and is designed to consistently place every seed at the optimum depth and spacing while minimizing compaction and eliminating pinch rows. Courtesy of

Rex Schertz, engineering manager, Seeding & Tillage at AGCO says:

“Providing producers greater control at planting is why AGCO has developed the Fendt Momentum planter delivered with AGCO-exclusive SmartFrame™ technology. The Momentum planter is the most agronomically advanced planter available worldwide and the latest solution from AGCO to help producers overcome production challenges and optimize their productivity”.

Source: AGCO Industries