Fendt’s robots swarm fields to plant seeds

Fendt and the Ulm University of Applied Sciences teamed up to develop a seed planting robot named Fendt Xaver. Thanks to funding provided by the European Union, the duo created technology that enables farmers to deploy a swarm of small robots in a field, which are then ready to execute an assigned task. The robotic system consists of several parts. The logistics unit, embedded in a high-tech trailer, is responsible for battery charge, seed supply, and precise navigation of small, four-wheeled robots via the cloud. And farmers rely on a tablet to plan tasks and monitor seed data.

The robots also use satellite-based navigation to relay their exact position, helping operators optimise planting operations. And the machines are controlled and optimised by the OptiVisor algorithm. Fendt’s field robotic system is energy efficient due to its low weight and low-maintenance engine. The battery can be charged from various energy sources, such as the public grid, farmers’ own biogas plants, wind power, or fuel cells. And as one of the pioneers in the production of farming tractors in the first half of the 20th century, Fendt hopes that its latest technological solutions can help the agriculture make the next big leap forward.

Source: Fendt