Dino performs weeding on large open fields

The French robotics firm Naïo Technologies romoves weeds in large open fields. Its autonomous robot Dino performs hoeing and weeding operations, preventing weeds from stealing water and nutrients needed for plants. The four-wheeled robot that weighs 800 kg is equipped with a computer vision system that detects crop rows and constantly adjusts its mechanical parts to ensure high-precision work. And Naïo says that its machine is effective in weeding “vegetables that are grown in the field, both in raised vegetable beds and in rows, such as lettuce, carrots, onions”.

The robot can work without supervision, following an assigned path thanks to its GPS guidance system and adhering to predefined weekly weeding operations. This saves time and money for farmers, as they can tackle other, more complicated farming tasks. Dino is also an environmentally friendly tool as it’s powered by electricity and reduces the use of chemical weedkillers. And thanks to a powerful battery, it can operate up to eight hours without stopping, which is especially useful for large fields.

Source: Naïo Technologies