The new John Deere Connected Support allows connection with computer

Technology has become essential in daily life; it keeps people on track, on time and offers countless efficiencies. In agriculture, technology has been around for years, in terms of machines and equipment. Recently, it has advanced by adding mechanical intuition to improve performance on and off the field.

One of the newer features in agricultural technology is wireless data transfer and remote connectivity. The new John Deere Connected Support permits farmers to connect equipment to a computer, tablet or phone, monitor and transfer valuable data. This also provides the ability to connect equipment to a local Cervus Equipment dealership to monitor machine alerts, diagnose problems remotely and perform software updates.

This wireless connection saves time and keeps machines in the field when it matters, by allowing rapid, wireless data transfers. Automatic alerts indicate issues in advance so repairs may be planned or completed, often before a breakdown occurs.

Source: Cervus Equipment