Fliegl launches new Flex Flow to better manure fluency

One of the farmers’ basic tools is the accurate management regarding the use of mineral and organic fertilizers. The aim is drawing a high profit while keeping an eye on the environment protection. For this reasons, Fliegl has launched the new spreading auger Flex Flow.

This new product is based on two half-shell troughs out of V2A material. The basic trough is equipped with an oval flow opening that has a length of 30mm and a width of 18mm. The bottom trough has round opening outlets which can be shifted.

The previous auger bin’ basic trough is inserted in the bottom trough. In order to regulate the manure’s outflow, the trough is movable in longitudinal direction of the conveyor, so that a covering of the flow opening and of the opening outlets is changeable. The system promises a quantity regulation of manure directly at the spreader’s unit. By switching the bottom trough, the manure flow can be changed variably which makes a spread rate from 5 to 70 m³ per ha at equal driving speed possible.

The bottom trough is pushed against the auger bin’s basic trough with a spring suspension kit. Its’ flexibility can compensate the distance of the moving without any problems.

Through the shift of the two half-shell troughs to one another, the opening outlets of the outer trough can be completely covered and partially or completely released by the opening outlets of the inner trough. Thus the liquid manure discharge can be controlled and even a complete drip stop can be generated. This is a big advantage, especially in road travel.

The basic trough can be moved relatively to the auger bin either hydraulically via servomotor with a step motor valve or over a mechanical spindle. With the help of a scale the user can recognize the degree of openness of the opening hole. This leads to an enormous relief regarding the adjustment of the needed output amount.

Fliegl has produced a new tool that will change the regulation of the spread rate of liquid manure and fermentation residues. This system stands for flexibility and precision.

Source: Fliegl