Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment is a family owned company with strong leadership and passionate employees. Inside this, the Tarter Industries Safety Committee is an advocate for all Team Members to insure safety concerns are identified and addressed in a timely way. It is designed to develop Teamwork and Cooperation across all departments, shifts and work groups. What It follows is the interview of this team provided by Tarter USA, also available for consultation in the source below.

What were the thoughts you had on your first day at Tarter?

“I started my job at Tarter Industries with one goal in mind: supporting my family and being able to spend more time with them. It’s been 3 years and I look forward to coming to work every morning”.

“I’m not from around here and was nervous. Once I met everyone, I relaxed and started learning. Everyone made me feel welcome. I knew then that I wanted to further my career with Tarter!”

“I was very impressed with the flow of the whole factory and the way the system works successfully. The atmosphere was calm and welcoming. I felt comfortable with everyone I came in contact with”.

“I was so glad to get a job. I had been laid off from my other job for over a year, I was thankful they chose me!”

Why do you enjoy working for Tarter?

“The employee appreciation and opportunity for advancement. The family oriented environment and teamwork. Great benefits and holidays off with pay. Steady, quality work that I take pride in!”

“I enjoy working for a company where the majority of the people share the same interests as me. I enjoy the products we manufacture”.

“I enjoy working for Tarter because everyone treats you like family. Someone is always willing to help you , no matter the problem. I have grown to love my position and workplace, thanks to the close knit work environment”.

“The benefits!”

“Family, friendly environment and it is close to my home”.

“I love to be working on products that I use in the field”.

What is your most memorable moment at Tarter?

“I enjoy the company gatherings!”

“The Hog Roast!”

“My brother Raymond telling me that I am doing a good job!”

“The day I was promoted to assistant supervisor over paint line. I have worked hard from the day I started to build my future with Tarter. That recognition made my day”.

“The hog roast we had for meeting our yearly safety goal”.

“It would have to be the pig roast! All employees gathered to have a meal together, sharing stories and laughs. The feeling of being appreciated can make all the difference in the world”.

Source: Tarter Industries