The farmers of the future will converge on Agritechnica on 14th November – Young Farmers Day will offer a comprehensive technical programme and networking opportunities – More than 20,000 young farmers expected to attend in 2019.

Agritechnica’s growing reputation among young farmers is expected to attract more than 20,000 of them to attend Agritechnica 2019, which takes place at Hanover Exhibition Grounds from 10th to 16th November. The event organiser, DLG (German Agricultural) which is dedicated to providing both agricultural students and budding young farmers with the necessary knowledge they need to manage the future farming challenges effectively.

Few would argue that young farmers are renowned party animals, and for many, the highlight of Young Farmers Day will be the legendary Young Farmers Party. Courtesy of Agrithecnica.

“37.1 years old. This is the average age of a visitor to Agritechncia. It is clear that this huge agricultural machinery meeting point has a huge appeal to the younger generation. We feel certain that the Young Farmers Day we offer to young arming professionals will not only equip these eager young farmers and students with knowledge about future trends to watch for, but the day will also be a chance to establish contacts with farmers from other countries facing exactly the same future, ”says Anna Karer, DLG’s Project Manager for Young Farmers Day.

“Since Young Farmers Day was introduced 16 years ago, the dedicated day to young farmers has only grown in importance – not only for young professionals already involved in agriculture but also those aiming to enter the industry in one way or another. It provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet and discuss ideas and prospects within the industry,” adds Karer.

A growing interest in agricultural careers has been sparked by the stability and increasing importance of farming as an industry with good career prospects, as well as the realisation that farming is becoming far more technologically advanced.

“The latest generation of young farmers are equipped with a lot of data awareness and are better prepared to find their way around the software solutions available in modern farming,”

adds Karer.

“Today’s agriculture is about choosing farm systems that work together to produce even better quality and yield. There are many solutions available, and the clever bit is to choose the right combination for your farm. Young people entering farming today have a far better understanding of technology and know it is possible to improve margins with the right machinery and software.” adds Karer.

International conference and networking event

The 2019 edition of Young Farmers Day will feature a dedicated programme of events tailored to the younger generation when it takes place on Thursday, 14th November. From 10:00 to 16:00, expert speakers will address topics related to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the agricultural sector.

This will be followed from 16:00 to 18:00 by Agritechnica’s Young Farmers Congress. Taking place on the main DLG stand and featuring international guests, the programme will be available in both German and English.

The congress not only presents an opportunity for new and recent entrants to the agricultural sector to discuss technical strategy but will also allow them to create an international network that they can use to grow their farming knowledge. For example, a young farmer in Germany who is facing particular business challenges may find people from other parts of the world that have faced similar situations and can suggest possible solutions.

Young Farmers Day logo. Courtesy of Agrithecnica.

The legendary Young Farmers Party

Few would argue that young farmers are renowned party animals, and for many, the highlight of Young Farmers Day will be the legendary Young Farmers Party. Taking place in the TUI Arena, at Hanover Exhibition Grounds, this year’s event has the earlier start time of 18:30. The party regularly attracts more than 4000 people, so it is vital that anyone planning to go buys their ticket in advance.

The online Agritechnica DLG-Ticketshop will have tickets for sale from early September. DLG members can purchase their tickets from 2nd September, with regular ticket sales starting on 9th September. The tickets cost 18 euros each, and the minimum age for admission is 18 years.

The Young Farmers Party 2019 social media pages on Facebook and Instagram will be updated regularly so you do not miss news of anything happening at this year’s event.

Source: Agrithecnica