Both feature all-wheel CommandDrive for more power to the ground, better fuel efficiency

John Deere is expanding the top end of its 4-Series Sprayers with the introduction of its biggest sprayer yet – the 1,600-gallon (6057 liter) capacity R4060 Sprayer with the new CommandDrive powertrain. In addition, the existing R4045 Sprayer will come standard with CommandDrive beginning with Model Year 2020.

CommandDrive is a new hydrostatic all-wheel-drive powertrain that transfers more power to the ground while offering improved traction, fuel efficiency and a quieter ride for the operator.

These two sprayers are designed for large, broad-acre cropping systems and high-volume applications. “This new powertrain will help farmers and ag service providers cover more acres quickly and efficiently,” Lindsey Pollock, product manager for sprayers for John Deere, said. “We know time is often the critical factor in most field applications, no matter the crop or season, with very tight application windows. The R4060 and redesigned R4045 can help operators traverse wide-ranging field conditions and hilly terrain in order to make accurate applications faster and more comfortably than before.”

CommandDrive is an intelligent powertrain that uses a single hydrostatic pump to power all four variable-displacement wheel motors. If one or more wheels lose traction, the system adjusts to slow the slipping wheels and directs more flow to the other wheels with traction in order to power the sprayer over the terrain. The powertrain helps the sprayer more easily handle hills, soft soil, and other conditions where additional traction is needed.

In addition, CommandDrive works in tandem with the engine and entire sprayer system to automatically increase RPMs when more power is needed and to maintain proper spraying. With the powertrain’s Auto Mode setting, operators can maintain selected ground speed and application rate at lower engine RPMs, while the Auto Idle setting reduces the engine’s RPM to 900 when the machine is stopped. Both functions help reduce fuel/DEF consumption and provide a quieter cab for the operator.

Both sprayers come equipped with a multi-function hydro handle with six customizable control buttons, allowing the operator to easily select and control the most common operating functions. Headland Management System also is included, which takes the work out of making headland turns by resuming automated functions, such as AutoTrac and BoomTrac Pro, and stopping and starting spray applications.

AutoTrac Vision and RowSense are optional technologies that help keep the sprayers tracking accurately through fields during the growing season. Another popular option is the ExactApply nozzle control technology, which gives operators the ability to maintain consistent droplet size and pattern at different speeds across the entire width of the boom, while reducing the potential for overlaps, skips and drift. The optional Mobile Weather feature gives operators the ability to document weather, soil and field conditions as they move across a field.

All Model Year 2020 sprayers now come standard with an expanded Precision Ag intelligence package. In addition to the existing integration of Generation 4 CommandCenter Displays, AutoTrac and documentation, customers now get JDLink with five years of connected service. JDLink enables the machine to easily and securely transfer data according to the customer’s needs, and for customers to monitor machine performance remotely. This expanded set of standard intelligence features enables customers to more easily realize the value of a connected machine. “Owners can leverage the power of Remote Display Access to monitor sprayer usage and performance from their home or office,” Pollock said. “If the sprayer is being underutilized or field operations are not being properly conducted, you can quickly put plans in place to improve productivity.”

The R4060 with its 1,600-gallon tank and 120-ft. (36.6m) or 132-ft. (40.2m) carbon fiber spray boom can cover 33 percent more acres between fills than the R4045 with its 1,200-gallon (4,542 liter) tank.

Farmers and ag service providers operating the R4060 and updated R4045 will see an immediate improvement in how these machines run in the field and on the road,” Pollock said. “The combination of the new CommandDrive, plus all the integrated technologies, makes these sprayers extremely efficient, precise and comfortable to own and operate.”

The new R4060 Sprayer and the updated R4045 Sprayer with CommandDrive can be ordered beginning in June 2019.

Source: John Deere news