A recently implemented law in Canada’s province of Ontario tasks companies with following through on significant obligations associated with the disposal of used tires throughout the product lifecycle.

All AEM member companies who sell, distribute or manufacture tires or products using tires in Ontario are responsible for meeting mandatory and enforceable targets for collecting and recycling used tires. Ontario’s new tire stewardship program is now up and running under a new program administered under the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority.

In the wake of the passage and implementation of the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act of 2016, which establishes “producer” responsibility for diverting spent tires from the waste stream, affected companies should be signed up with one of six Producer Responsibility Organizations. The organizations, more commonly known as PROs, assist in the manage tracking, collection, recycling and government reporting requirements and help companies ultimately fulfill the law’s requirements.

AEM strongly advises all member companies doing business in Ontario to consider working with a PRO. Failing to comply with the new law will result in fines and a possible sales ban.

AEM continues to meet with regulators in Ontario highlighting our industry’s concerns.

Source: Association of Equipment Manifacturers (AEM)