The Western Canadian Wheat Growers put a failing grade on the 2019 Federal Budget announced yesterday. What little is contained in the budget for agriculture only fixes problems that the federal government has previously created.

The new exclusion of the carbon tax on cardlock fuel should never have been necessary. Compensation for sectors that are impacted by new trade agreements are signs of poorly negotiated trade agreements – agreements that are vital to the continued expansion of international agricultural trade.

The Wheat Growers are pleased that the federal government has agreed to move forward with a review of the Canada Grain Act and the Canadian Grain Commission. These are issues that we have called for some time.

What this budget should have addressed for grain farmers is how the government is going to enforce the passage and enforcement of CETA and why Italy is blocking Canadian durum. It should have explained what the government is doing to support export of our grain to the signatories of the CPTPP. The budget could have outlined steps to address the question of why Canadian pulse growers – one of the world’s most productive – cannot export their product to India – one of the world’s highest consumers of pulse, in spite of supporting India as a developing country.

“The Western Canadian Wheat Growers are not looking for handouts. Rather we would like to see the federal government truly understand how Canada’s agriculture economy works. We would rather see a reduction in bureaucracy and red tape, letting farmers make the best decisions to grow their products and successfully bring them to market,” said Levi Wood, President.

Source: Western Canadian Wheat Growers