Arbos full-line wins SIMA 2019

From the open field to compact tractors, up to specialized machinery for orchards and vineyards and to the many equipment at the service of the sustainable agronomic cycle. Among the innovations exhibited at the fair, the 7000 series prototype, combined with the 6-meter MSD 2.0 COMBI 600 grain seed drill with rotary harrow, mixes performance, efficiency and versatility.

The wide offer of ARBOS, among the growing agricultural machinery manufacturers in the global panorama, is the pride of the Italian company, constantly engaged in the development of new solutions to support the work of farmers. From tractors to equipment, the goal of ARBOS full-line is always to fully meet the needs of modern agriculture, through the optimization of the agronomic cycle and the management of an increasingly connected and complex machine-equipment system. The flagship product at the stand (Hall 4, stand F002) is the 7260 prototype, belonging to the new 7000 series, which is unveiled at SIMA in its semi-definitive form. Tireless and efficient on consumption, thanks to the Stage V FPT 6-cylinder engine with overpower up to 280 hp, the 7000 series of open field tractors uses a transmission called “implement powershift” which guarantees efficiency and flexibility in every application. Even the cab does not lend itself to criticism: maximum ergonomics and quietness with large volumes and non-standard visibility.

ARBOS: full line

Protagonists at the stand, among the vast range of ARBOS solutions for open field tractors, are also the 5000 series models, specifically 5100 and 5130, winner of the Red Dot Award 2017. Both products are characterized by a modular, simple and efficient, in line with the best technical solutions of robustness and reliability to the full, as evidenced by the feedback of end users, who have been exploiting their potential for months. Style and functionality also inside the cabin, welcoming during long working days, in a successful mix of visibility, ergonomics and maximum safety.

Spotlights also on the 2000 and 3000 ranges in the compact tractor category. Simple, versatile, robust and “green” is 2035, ideal for the private customer and for the turf maintenance professional. Next come 3050, the range designed for the most diverse specialist uses, from the field to the production of rows of vines and 3055, the line designed in compliance with the new TMR standard which offers reliability, quality and performance.

Another highlight of ARBOS at SIMA is the 4000 series, specialized for orchards and vineyards, present in different dimensional variations, all complying with the most stringent emissions regulations (Tier IIIb) and safety (TMR). In the 90-110 hp segment, the spearhead is 4110 Q, which encompasses all the pluses of a machine designed for row work: compactness, maneuverability and low center of gravity, with its Low Profile cab, electronic lift and a hydraulic full specs. The 4100 AF model does not make you regret the more structured tractors: balanced and compact, gritty and indefatigable, it is the ideal companion for working without thoughts. The leading exponent of the 4000 E series is the 4100 E, the isodiametric tractor, ideal for operating safely in the most arduous situations, thanks to the cantilever engine and the unparalleled stability.
                                                    ARBOS 4100 Q

In perfect combination with the range of tractors, stand out among the equipment on the stand is the MSD 2.0 600 COMBI, the grain seeder combined with a foldable rotary harrow that allows a working width of 6 meters and, combined with the 7000 series, represents the construction site heavy duty workmanship perfect for large French cereal crops. Note also on UST, the innovative model for direct under-surface sowing, a growing agronomic technique in which investments are made in the sustainable development of the land and where the UST’s “wing” sowing element performs, in a single pass, the sowing, fertilization and mechanical weeding of the soil. The range of exhibited seed drills is as follows: MSD 2.0 600 Elektro, the precision cereal seed drill with electric dosing, equipped with RACS – Rear Automatic Control Speed, the system – patented by the Group – of automatic measurement of the actual feed rate that adapts to any ground deformity; MS 8230 12 rows Elektro, precision seed drill with electric transmission that improves seeding performance at high speeds and finally MSO, the precision pneumatic seed drill for vegetables.


                                                            ARBOS MSD 2.0 COMBI


It does not end here. Beside the seeders there is also UNICA PVI 9 file, the hoeing machine with hydraulic folding frame, perfect also for frequent movements on the road or from one field to another; ROCK M2 300/7, subsoilers suitable for heavy and intense working conditions; MCA-W Elektro, the perfect fertilizer spreader for the distribution of chemical and granular fertilizers between the rows of orchards and vineyards, and finally MD 1700, designed for spreading the row fertilizer, widely used in France for wheat and canola crops.

Source: Arbos product news


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