Tevel Aerobotics Debuts at World Ag Expo 2022

Tevel Aerobotics, a worldwide technology leader in developing Autonomous Flying Robots for fruit harvesting based on deep technologies in artificial intelligence and computer vision, is participating in World Ag Expo 2022 in the United States for the first time.

Tevel Aerobotics Autonomous Flying Robots

Tevel will present their deep tech solution for fruit growers in the US and for Agritech machinery vendors willing to have a JV based on their ground control units/tractors with Tevel harvesting and AI kit, which gives these vendors the option to give a full solution to the overall harvesting demand and towards crop management field, based on Tevel’s deep AI and Computer vision.

Tevel’s VP of Marketing, Moshe Porat, said:

“We are very excited to participate in World Ag Expo 2022 as the first event in the US towards exploring working with fruit growers, especially in apples, stone fruit, etc. In addition, we’re looking forward to different agritech machinery vendors willing to work with us on a new unique autonomous harvesting solution and  towards Tevel crop management deep AI technologies.”

Tevel founder and CEO, Yaniv Maor, said:

“Our main commercial market is in the USA, especially in California and we are thrilled to be here. In addition, we have signed our first partnership agreement with BlueLine as a full harvesting solution based on Tevel’s overall robot solution with our advanced AI and computer vision algorithms and Blueline ground control unit.”