Canadian Wheat Economy at Risk as CP Rail Strike Continues

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers hold the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference accountable for the CP Rail strike that will disrupt the movement of goods all across the country.

“At a time when the Canadian economy has been reeling from supply chain problems, COVID-19, the highest inflation in over a decade, and now the invasion of Ukraine, this lockout falls on the shoulders of the TCRC,”

Said Daryl Fransoo, Chair.

Many farmers across the prairies are expecting the shipment of seed, fertilizer and other inputs in the coming weeks in order to start seeding. The livestock industry requires the regular shipping of corn and other feed to ensure cattle and pork are fed. Any delays will put Canadian food security at risk.

“The Wheat Growers call upon all parties in the House of Commons to immediately initiate “Back to Work Legislation” and avoid the unnecessary breakdown on the movement of goods by rail,”

Closed Fransoo.